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WordPress theme like Flipkart:-

I am going to create an E-commerce project like Flipkart. As you know, Flipkart is the largest online shopping portal. Flipkart theme is a Responsive and Attractive theme, with the help of which any customer can easily purchase the product. I also like a Flipkart theme for WordPress e-commerce project. 

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Flipkart theme for WordPress:- 

Flipkart is one of the best themes for the e-commerce website. As you have mentioned that you are looking for WordPress theme like Flipkart. The flipmart eCommerce WordPress Theme is like Flipkart theme. You can download and install on your WordPress. The flipmart contained all features. Like zoom option on the product.    Flipkart has a zoom effect over the image. Flipmart  WordPress theme also included this feature.

The name of this theme is Flipmart, which is similar to the Flipkart website, The interface of flipmart same looks like Flipkart e-commerce website. The interface of flipmart is looked like a Flipkart theme.

Woocommerce features - 

As you that Flipkart is the biggest online shopping portal that updates in seconds.

Like -  Create new products, delete the products, manage the inventory, image, Description.

flimart WordPress theme included woocommerce features like - 

1.Create new products
2.Order processing 
3.Order completed 
4. Order cancel,
5.Stock Maintenance.
6. Stock Out 
7.Stock Quantity 
8.Email Processing.
9.SMS Generate.
10.Products Delete.

Integrate payment gateways with the
flipmart  WordPress theme. 

2. Payumoney payment gateway
3. Instamojo payment gateway
4.Paytm (
paytm business ) 

Other features. 

Email Setup for Admin:-
1.New Order
2.Canceled Order
3. Failed Order
Email Setup For customer:-
1.Order on-hold 
2.Processing order 
3.Completed order 
4.Refunded order 
5.Customer invoice / Order details 
6.Customer note 
7.New account 

Download flipmart WordPress theme like Flipkart.

Download flipkart wordpress theme


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Thanks for sharing valuable information about WordPress theme like Flipkart .
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Flipkart is one the best attractive e-commerce website theme. As you know that everyone wants to create an e-commerce platform like Flipkart. Flipkart is one of the best online shopping platforms that help to purchase the online product easily. 

On the Flipkart you can easily search kind of product and add to the card after that you can buy anytime. 

That is a more reliable theme of Flipkart. If you are searching for WordPress theme like Flipkart then you can download the flipmart theme. The flipmart theme one of the like a Flipkart theme. 

The flipmart theme also works like a Flipkart theme. You can download Flipkart WordPress theme easily. 

Flipkart WordPress theme

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