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Payumoney is the one best platform that helps in payment gateway integration in your website and application . Payumoney is the flagship company of Naspers Group. Payumoney is a very trusted website that gives you best facilities to integrate payment gateway . You can integrate Payment Gateway for any website from Payumoney. . First of all, it is important to have an account on your Payumoney How to create Payumony account ?

After creating an account on Payumoney, You just install a plugin in WordPress. Let's talk about how to make payment gateway in WordPress.
Let's learn how to create products in Woocommerce.

Step 1-

First of all login your Wordpress admin page.

 admin logintechnosmarter

Step 2-

After the login , click the plugins that will found inside menu bar .

How to install woocommerce plugin--technosmarter

step 3-

Now you have to click on Add New.

Install Plugin in wordpress -technosmarter

Step 4-

After clicking -Ad New, you have to search the plugin by the name Payumoney. After searching, you get the plugin of Payumoney, then install the plugin which you have searched name Payumony. After installed , you have to activate it .

how to integrate payumoney in wordpress-technosmarter

step 5-

Now you will see that the Payumony plugin has been installed.

payumoney plugin in woocommerce installation -technosmarter

step 6-

In this step, you have to click on WooCommerce 's settings.

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step 7-

After that you have to click on the checkout .

woocommerce checkout-payumoney -technosmarter

step 8-

Now you have to find payumoney in checkout and click on it .

payumoney in woocommerce -technosmarter

step 9-

Step8 – This step is important step for you where you have to fill up all the details correctly, Please read carefully all requirements .
I. Enable Payumoney.
II.Choose your service provider(Payumony)
III. Fill up the merchant key. Merchant key will get you from Payumony account .
IV. Fill up the merchant salt.Also, You will found merchant salt from Payumony account .
V. Fill up the merchant key and merchant salt that you can get from the payuoney's account.
VI. Choose the mode. (Test mode) VII. Please select Return page where you want to make a default return page after payment Just now you have to do nothing, save it only. After saving, you will get the page saved message.

form fill in payumoney-woocommerce

In this way, your Paymoney Payment Gateway integrated in your wordpress website by WooCommerce.

How to integrate payumoney integrate-technosmarter

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