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 It is working  but the subject and Choose, I want to place Combobox after RollNo & this is my code please check when I enter subject and rollno and obtained marks the result is not showing eg:- its shows roll no name obtained marks and not subject I send you my code please check

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I answered you. You have to simply change the code like this -

Change <form></form> code -

form></form> code - 

<form action="" method="post" name="form1">

        <table width="25%" border="0">



                <td><input type="number" min = 1  name="RollNo"></td>




$cser=mysqli_connect("localhost","root","","test") or die("connection failed:".mysqli_error());

$result = mysqli_query($cser,"SELECT pname FROM crud2") or die(mysql_error());

if (mysqli_num_rows($result)!=0)


echo 'Subject Name : </td><td><select name="pname">

      <option value=" " selected="selected">Choose one</option>';

   while($drop_2 = mysqli_fetch_array( $result ))


  echo '<option value="'.$drop_2['pname'].'">'.$drop_2['pname'].'</option>';


echo '</select>';







                <td><input type="text" pattern="[a-zA-Z][a-zA-Z ]{2,}"  name="Name"></td>




                <td><input type="number" min = 1 name="ObtainedMarks"></td>




                <td><input type="submit" name="Submit" value="Enter"></td>




Change the PHP database name, column name.

This is form code.  Search form code inside the insert code and replace complete form code to this.

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It works, Thank you.
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Change name to your table subject name.

<select name="pname">
shlulbe be

<select name="sujectcolumnname">
What is your column name for subject ?
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Okay Bro Thanks