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I have a PHP news website and I want to install the PHP version on my news website. How can do it please help me install amp on my PHP website?
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2 Answers

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I am getting your points. AMP is another framework that helps to create the user interface. You can PHP programming with AMP because of PHP files can contain text, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP code. There are three parts of AMP that you need to understand. 



3. AMP Cache 

How to start work on AMP with PHP? 

This is a better way to ranking on Google at first priority. You need to understand the basics to advance skills of AMP with PHP programming. 

If you have basic skills for PHP, CSS, HTML , JS then you will able install and use AMP on the website with PHP. 

Requirements - 

1. PHP ,HTML ,CSS and JS skills 

2. MYSQL Server 

3.AMPGeneratorOne library. This is an open-source framework. 

4. Text Editor. 


Start learning from basics  


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Full form AMP Accelerated Mobile Pages. It's another HTML framework that uses to create a user interface. As you know bootstrap is another framework. If you tried bootstrap and created a website then it will be easier to install AMP on the website. AMP. There are many components in AMP . Yes, we can use PHP with bootstrap and also the same, we can use PHP with AMP HTML framework.AMP installation is really easy and steps wisely. 


You will get complete steps to install the AMP HTML framework. You can use direct links or download AMP open-source libraries. 

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