Wamp local server download,install and configuration

Wamp is a local server through which you will be able to run your PHP files. Wamp is also very similar to the xampp. The difference between xammp and wamp is very small.

Let's talk about how to install and configure the wamp.

Step 1

First of all, click on the link given below.

                                                      Click here

Step 2

After clicking on the link, you have to download and install wamp .

how to install wamp server on localhost-technosmarter

Step 3

Now you go to C: drive .

how to configure xampp 3  PHP5 -techno smarter

Step 4

Now you have to go the folder name is wamp .( folder name-- wamp)

how to configured  wamp server on localhost-technosmarter

Step 5

Now you have to click on the folder named www. (folder name-- www)

how to install wamp 2 -techno smarter

Step 6

In www folder you have to create a file name is PHP .

how to install wamp 7 -techno smarter

Step 7

Now, whatever files you create, you can save in the PHP folder as well.

how to install xampp 6 PHP5 -techno smarter

Step 8

Now go to your browser and type the URL localhost/PHP (localhost/PHP is an URL ) and open your file.

how to install and congured  xampp 9 -techno smarter

Step 9

Now you can see that you have got your output.

wamp server output

In this way you can install wamp local server and run your php script .

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