Variables in C# programming

In the previous tutorial, we created an example of mathematics operations in c#. We declared many variables and datatypes there. In this tutorial, we are going to learn about variables in C#. First of all, understand the variable.

What is the variable in C#?

A variable is the name of the memory location. In c programming, we made variables with data types. The variables take memory. Every variable name indicates the name of a memory location. A variable value can be changed during the execution time. Variables are used to a specific purpose to complete the process. In C# programming we can declare variables same as C programming. If you are already learned C programming then it will be easy for you. Variable can be reused.
Let's understand the variable types.

Variable type denotes the variable value which type of value stored in a variable and used. Mainly we know the variable type to data types.

There is basic variable type in C# programming which is similar to C programming.

List of the variable types in C# programming -


Variable TypeExample
Decimal types decimal
Boolean types True or false value, as assigned
Integral types int, char, byte, short, long
Floating-point types float and double
Nullable types Nullable data types

How to create a variable in C# programming?

If you are already leaned C and C++ programming then it is similar too. In C# programming, we create a variable with data type and variable name(identifier).

Let's understand with a syntax -

type variable_name;

type - The type denotes the data types. You can use any data type for a specific purpose.

variable_name - A variable identification name . Variable can be defines in one alphabet like a,b ,c .

Let's understand the variable in C# with an example -

First of declaring variable -

int a,b c,x,yz,abc ;
float f,a,b,x,y,z,abc;
double d,xyz,abc,a,b,c ;
char ch,ch1,ch2; 

We can decalare variable like as -

int math, mul , var;   etc

Data types - int, float, double, char

int- Integer data types. 
float - Floating point number.
double - Double number
char - character

In the above approaches, we discussed the declaration of the variable in C# programming. Let's assign values with variables. We can say provide value to the variable. In C#, we provide value same as C programming.

Let's provide value to the variable .

int x= 2;
int b= 7;
float f=24.6; float c=15.7; //Floating point number
char ch ='A'; char ch1 ='D';

We can declared variable like as-
int _x;
int x1;
int x2;

We declared variables.

Let's create an example for all data types.

using System;
namespace ProgramApplication{
   class Program{
      static void Main(string[] args) {
         int x=36; 
         int x1=4; 
         int z; 
         float f1=5; 
         float f2=54; 
         float f3;
        char ch='Y'; 
        char ch2='N';



In the above example, we declared variable with values and used some of logics to display the values.

The above example helps to understand the variable in C# programming.

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