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How to create a delivery note system using bootstrap JavaScript and PHP PDO

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in PHP


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The delivery note system depends on delivery data. You can use PHP PDO and JAVASCRIPT to create a delivery note with all delivery details like -

Delivery note system in PHP

Let's discuss the delivery note system points-

1. Delivery Date - We create a column for a delivery date in the database and use PDO and pdf system to generate a delivery note in a pdf file. The date can be automated by the PHP date functions. You can set any format using PHP. 

2. Deliver To - The address of the customer who wants any product or service from your side. 

3. Deliver From - We need to add seller or you can say merchant address. The address where the item gets delivered to the customer is better for the delivery system. 

4. Items description- The delivery note system looks like an invoice system. We can add one or more products using JAVASCRIPT , PHP PDO  and bootstrap. The Javascript helps to add more fields at the same time when we create invoices or you can say delivery note. Add description related to the product.

Payment form using Paypal Payment Gateway with Invoice generator in PHP

Paypal payment gateway integration in PHP with email system

5. Product code in Delivery Note system - The delivery note system contains a product code column where we can use any random key or product id. Fetch product id using PHP PDO and setup in PDF format. We use pdf to create PDF files from PHP. 

6. Product Quantity - The delivery note system contains a product quantity system. It's a better idea to increase or decrease price on quantity at the same time.

7. Signature -  At the bottom, we can set signature. 

Reference for you -(You can use it for delivery note system)

Paypal payment form with email, invoice generator in PHP website | Scripts

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The delivery note system is a reference for the customers. As I can see that, you want to create a delivery note system using PHP PDO, JavaScript, and bootstrap but did you try something, I mean did you code for that, We can help you in any situation in code but you are asking for complete code without doing any code. Kindly elaborate more about the delivery note - like all features of delivering note system. The process of delivery note system. Format of delivery note system. Kindly elaborate in deep words then we can help you. I have a reference for you. You can use it and can customize it according to your needs. 

Paypal payment form with email, invoice generator in PHP website | Scripts

You can customize code using PHP PDO.


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