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About Glow Ads Readdata jobs :- 

I am talking about the Glow ads realdata jobs. Once a day I was searching for an online job on the internet because I want to do the home base job. One day I was searching online job on the internet. I found an Ad that was home base job ad. After that, I click on that ad an got to visit a website name was realdata jobs  

I have visit realdata jobs website and decide to apply for the online home base job. 

 I had to pay 700 rupees for this job. After filling up the form I got a courier. A postman came to me and taken 700 rupees for the courier Readdatajobs company has written a document that included some data and my id, password. Login id and password for the login. 

After login my account on realdata jobs website I did not get any work on this web. I searched everywhere but I didn't get any work on Glow ads real data jobs. I lost my 700 rupees. Please share it to save your time and money. Check all online jobs before joining. Be alert do not pay for job, 

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