Define HyperText Markup language

Hypertext Markup Language is the full form of HTML language(What is Hyper, What is Markup, What is Language ) and it is mostly used to write and align the content on the web page. It is a simple documenting language that works on web browsers.

HTML contains three parts :-

1. HyperText

2. Markup

3 Language.

HyperText :- Hypertext refers to the linked part of the web pages. When you want to go the next page by click on the link that is known as Hypertext.

In simple words, if you can use some text and linked to another page that is Hypertext.

Markup:-Markup means you have to use many tags to create a document. As you know that Its name indicates, HTML is a Markup Language which means you use HTML to simplify "markup" a text document with tags that tell a Web browser how to structure it to display.

Language :- Language contains the symbols and characters.Language defines the many languages like HTML, PHP, JAVA, PERL, RUBY.

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