HTML Link | hyperlink code in HTML

HTML links specify the root to jump one page to another document. HTML links known as Hyperlinks.

Links are available on the pages of every document to move one document to another page -

You can use another web server link.
The following example of the link will show you how to link a hyperlink on a page.


<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>Type of Heading Tags </title>
<a href="HTML-table.html">HTML Table Attributes</a>

Note- 1. You can specify the another web server link .

<a href="">Jump to another web server </a>

Note- 2.Link to images - Specify the link background the image. When someone clicks on the image then jump to another page.

<a href="HTML-table.html"><img src="myimage.jpg></a>

Note- 3. Link to button- You can link the button if someone clicks on the button then jump to another page.

<a href="HTML-table.html"> <input type="button"> </a> 

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