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HTML5 included various new elements and attributes that reflect typical usage on the modern website. HTML 5 contains various new elements that support the browser. PHP includes various elements to declare the separate part of a website.

The new features elements of HTML 5 are :-

In HTML5 for common block used <div> and for <span > elements.
<nav > is a navigation part of a website and <footer> refers to bottom of web page or to last line .

HTML5 introduced the multimedia attributes . The multimedia attributes are :-



<header> - The main header of a website . Specified header attributes in

It clear that you can check the header part (top of website ) in <header>

<nav> -The <nav> element denoted the navigation bar . Navigation bar contains the menus inside the <nav> elements.

<section>- The section part contains lot of main content . Inside <section> we contains the main section part in which all body contents are included .

<article> - The article contains the a post for publish (All article on any topic specified inside the <articlegt; element) . This is the best way to initiate if you are going to create a blog website.
<aside> -The <asidegt; elements specifies the sidebar of any website . The main advantage of the side is that they all related and topics links visible inside the sidebar.

<video> -The video elements are not a part of HTML 4.The video element is part of only HTML 5. This is one of the best features of HTML5. You can show any kind of website on your webpage. In the <video> element you can specified the controls,autoplay .

<audio>Same as video the audio element is not a part of HTML4 . The audio contains the audio part of the webpage.

<Canvas> -Canvas is used to draw the graphic on the webpage.

Your browser does not support the HTML5 canvas tag.

<SVG> -SVG is used for graphics for the web . You can SVG has several methods for drawing paths, boxes, circles, text, and graphic images. You can draw text, boxes, paths and graphics images using AVG(Scalable Vector Graphics).
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