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To create and design form using HTML you have to know about all HTML Form elements . HTML <form> is used to collect the information from the user side.
An HTML form contains various elements to collect the data.


Action element-
Action element is used to move out another page if the data are successfully inserted.

Method element-
Method element specify the method like post and get method .

<input> element is a important method for elements .

<input> element specify the way of displaying the data from on the web .

<name> Name specify the unique identity by its name .

The following example of HTML form that included various elements -

First Name

Last Name

First Name

Last Name

The above example also contained the submit button at the end of the form.When the button will click the form collected data will be stored in the database.

More Form elements-

Radio button element-
The radio button element button lets choose the one.
Select element-
The select is used for the select any alternate from all option.

Type of input elements-

<input type="number">- Specify the input number like mobile number ,zip code .

<input type="email"> -Used to input the email . .

<input type="radio"> -Used to radio button .

<input type="checkbox">- Used to checkbox . Check the possible checkbox.

<input type="password">- It is used to password input box.

<textarea >-It is used for area that contains the rows and cols.(rows and columns)

The following example of HTML form that contains input type text, radio, number, email and submit button.


<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>HTML Form </title>

Father Name:

Gender: MaleFemale




Mobile Number :


</body> </html>

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