Bootstrap Responsive Table | Bootstrap v4.1.2

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Bootstrap is an open source framework of HTML. In bootstrap v4.1.2 , you have no need to code for CSS and JS. There are JS and CSS files are built-in within bootstrap. With help of bootstrap, you can design any kind of website. It is an open source means you have to need use only it's classed only. It saves the time and complexity.

How to - Responsive Table.

In bootstrap, there is various type of elements are available. In which a table element is available to create a responsive table on a webpage. It is a very simple method to create a table by its classes.

Bootstrap Table


Id Employee Department Salary
105 Shiva IT 12000
106 Akash Non-IT 10000
107 Shubham IT 15000
<body> <html>


1. First of we need include CSS and JS links from bootstrap webpage .

2. Use the table class name "table" to create a responsive table .