Bootstrap Responsive Table


Bootstrap is an open-source framework of HTML. In the latest bootstrap, you have no need to code for CSS and JS. There are JS and CSS files are built-in within bootstrap. With the help of bootstrap, you can design any kind of website. It is an open-source means you have to need use only it's classed only. It saves the time and complexity.

How to - Responsive Table.

In bootstrap, There are various types of elements are available. In which a table element is available to create a responsive table on a webpage. It is a very simple method to create a table by its classes.

Bootstrap Table

<!DOCTYPE html>

Id Employee Department Salary
105 Shiva IT 12000
106 Akash Non-IT 10000
107 Shubham IT 15000
</body> </html>


1. First of we need include CSS and JS links from bootstrap webpage .

2. Use the table class name "table" to create a responsive table .

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