Structure of HTML | DOM Structure

Techno HTML5

HTML developed instead of many tags like <title>,<body>,<head> ,<p> and so on .
HTML is mostly used for webpage creation. The DOM structure or the HTML structure is similar .
A simple form of how to begin HTML code.
1.Text Editor(Maybe a notepad or other text editors ) Read about top 5 Text editors---

<!DOCTYPE html>
 My web title

This is a heading

Paragraph goes here -----

</body> </html>

<h1> -H1 is a heading tag .

<p> -It refres to paragraph tag . You have to need write your paragraph (Content ) inside the

Paragraph tag . After complete HTML code, you have to save it as.


Index- Index is an HTML file name you can use any other name for it.

Like .- myfile.html

.html is a extension of HTML . Without HTML extension you can not execute your HTML document on browser .
After saving the file open it with the help of web browser.
You can use any kind of web browser for HTML but I personally recommended Chrome browser.