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I am looking for free SSL security certificate for my website. I don't want to spend money on SSL security.
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 SSL certificate is very important for SEO purpose. You can create an SSL security certificate free for your website. 

You do not need to pay for an SSL certificate. As you know that everyone  spent a lot of money on the SSL certificate but if you want to create your website for a secure connection for free so I will tell you complete  information about SSL for free.

Yes,  you can get free SSL security for your website.  You do not need to pay. This is the best SSL certificate  for your website. Google prefers a secure websites most. All SSL certificate websites have the best SEO rank in Google.  Google includes a secure website in Google result. 

This is part of SEO. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) refers to the growth of your website.  SEO helps to better rank on all search engines. All search engines prefer  SSL secure connection. Growth generates revenue. 

Let's create a free SSL certificate for the website. 

Step 1- First of all visit link below. The website name is SSL for free. You can get a free SSL certificate from here. Visit the link below.

SSL for free

Step 2-  After clicking on SSL for the free link you have to fill up your domain. SSL for free website creates free SSL certificate. In this step, you have to need to put your domain like -


www.technosmarter.com, www.google.com, www.example.com. 

After filling up your domain, you have to click on create free SSL certificate button.


SSL for free



Step 3 - In this step, you have to need to verify your domain. As you can see that in the image "FREE SSL certificate validation for "www.technosmarter.com".

There is three option for verification of your domain. 

1. Automatic FTP verification.

2. Manual verification.

3. Manual verification(DNS).

I suggest you choose Manual Verification. Manual verification is very easy.Click on Manual verification. 


Step 4 - Now you got some instruction to create SSL for free. You do not need to read instruction. Click on Manually verify domain.   

get free SSL security for website



Step 5- This is the most important step of a free SSL certificate. In this step, you need to download 2 files. 

Download both file .- 

1. Download file #1 

2. Download file #2  



SSL for free

Step 6 - 

If you downloaded both files then move on next step. Login your hosting c panel. 

Create a folder name " .well-known " in the public_html. 

SSL for free | SSL certificate

Step 7 

- After creating the .well-known folder if the folder is not visible ( hide) then you have to click on setting and check show hidden folder and save. The folder will be visible on the public_html path. 


free SSL security for website

Step 8- To create an SSL certificate for your website you have to verify your domain. 

Now open the .well-known folder and create a folder acme-challenge inside the .well-known folder. 


create free SSL certificate for your website

Step 9 - Upload both downloaded files inside the acme-challenge folder.

Upload both downloaded files - 

1. Download file #1 

2. Download file #2  

get free SSL certificate

Step 10 - 

Change .htaccess file code. Use this .htaccess file code for https. 

RewriteEngine On

RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off

RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [L,R=301]

Step 11 - 

Click on both links. You will get the null page without any error. 

FREE SSL Certificate

Step 12- 

Now open your website link on the web browser and you will get surprised. 

Now you can see that your website has been fully protected through SSL certificate. 

free SSL certificate

In this way, you can create SSL for free. 

If you have any issue creating free SSL security certificate so comment




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