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Mouthshut real or fake | Earning or not | Scam or not -

Mouthshut.com is a review and earning platform that helps to know about all services and product. If you are going to buy a product or looking for a  service then you can read reviews and also write your reviews on products.  Before taking any product and service you need to know about that service. Mouthshut is a website on which peoples write their reviews.

You can write reviews on a product or service yourself. If you want to earn money from this website then you will have to follow the following steps.

1. First, sigin up with your Facebook or Gmail.

2. After signup, you have to log in.

3. After logging in, you have to write a review on the latest service and product.

A lot of categories are available on the MouthShut website, which you can easily earn from the review earn money,

All Categories -

• Automotive

• Books

• Real Estate

• Educational Institution

• Electronics

• Computers

• Employers

• Health and Beauty

• Home and Appliances

• Mobile and Internet

• Movies, Music, and Sitcom

• Websites and Online Store

• Personal Finance

• Restaurants

• Small Business - Malls - Stores

• travel

You can write reviews on any product or service provided above.

4. You have to write a review of 40 words.

5. If you write a positive review, then you will earn  20 MS Points (20 Rupees). 

6. If you write a negative review, then you get 40 mas points (40 rupees).1 MS =1 Rupee 

Mouthshut earning source or not -( Real or scam ) 

A lot of work on Mouthshut websites really pay If you write a good review. If you want to create a permanent earning source, then this is not a better-earning source. 

Mouthshut  Fraud  or real

Mouthshut is a real website on which people write their reviews and earn MS points per review. 

Mouthshut website real to make money - 

You can earn money from the Mushutt website, but most of them are Reviews disproved. If you want money, then you have to write a review very well.

If you want to make the mouth shut the source of the Permanent Source, then you can not make Permanent Income Source.



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