What is WooCommerce? |Features of E-commerce Plugin

Woocomerce developed in 2011. It developed by WordPress theme developer woo theme. Woocommerce is using by, 986,324 websites. If you want to see the more traffic you can see on the e-commerce websites that are using Woocommerce .
Woocomerce is a WordPress plugin that allows users to sell online their products. They can sell their products online through Woocommerce. Woocommerce is a plugin that allows users to access the e-commerce website . In simple words, Woocomerce is a WordPress plugin that used for an e-commerce website . to maintain orders and products. Woocomerce is a free open source WordPress plugin that helps you to add products that can be used by the online shop, order maintenance, the order can be canceled. woocommerce provides you many features.

Features of woocommerce Plugin –

1.Create new products
2.Order processing
3.Order complete
4. Order cancel,
5.Stock Maintenance.
6. Stock Out
7.Stock Quantity
8.Email Processing .
9.SMS Generate .
10.Products Delete.

Wordpress Wocoomerce Plugins

Woocommerce payment features

WooCommerce has some other features that allow you to sell your product online, manage your account online and much more .Woocomerce helps you to make the decision for the tax before selling any product, you may also be able to access the feature to get tax benefits.You can use any type of payment gateways within WooCommerce.

For Example :-
2Payumoney payment gateway
3.instamojo payment gateway

You can also use cash on the delivery facility with WooCommerce

Email features for Admin and Customers in WooCommerce .

Email Setup for Admin:-
1.New Order
2.Canceled Order
3. Failed Order
Email Setup For customer:-
1.Order on-hold
2.Processing order
3.Completed order
5.Customer invoice / Order details
6.Customer note
7.New account
Woocommerce is the best WordPress plugin that is also totally available for free, so you do not have to make any payment.Just download and use it for your ecommerce website.

More about Woocommerce plugin

Currently, woocommerce is one of the best alternatives for your e-commerce website because it is a very useful and free plugin. As you know, WooCommerce is more popular than any of its competitors. It’s over eight times more popular than Magento and Shopify, which are joint IInd in line for the name of the most popular e-commerce platform.

How to install WooCommerce on Wordpress?
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