How to integrate SMS Gateway In WooCommerce | SMS Gateway Plugin

SMS integration is very important for an E-commerce website. There should be an SMS integrate into a professional e-commerce website so that when customers buy the product from your website, then they get a message. SMS integration is required for good e-commerce. SMS integration is very easy. To get an SMS gateway integration, you need WordPress plugin only then you can integrate SMS. With SMS, you can share the information with your clients and customers.

In the current time, every website has SMS integration by which the administrator can share messages to clients or customers. You get a lot of plugins for the SMS integration on the Wordpress website. Here we will talk of the best SMS integration plugin, which can help you easily make SMS integration on your website.

Let's talk about how to integrate SMS gateway in WooCommerce - Wordpress.

Integrate SMS Gateway in woocommerce | Message integration in E-commerce website | Wordpress

To integrate SMS in an e-commerce website, you first have to install the woocommerce plugin. You can integrate SMS easily by installing WooCommerce plugins. To Integrate Message, you have to follow the steps given below.

Login to your wordpress admin panel

First of all ,Login to your WordPress Admin Page.

admin login

Finding wordpress plugins

Now clicking on plugins that you see on the side menu.

How to install woocommerce plugin--technosmarter

Add new wordpress Plugin | SMS integration process

After click on plugins you have to click on Add New.

how to create products in WooCoomerce-2-technosmarter

Finding SMS integration wordpress Plugin and Install

Now search a plugin with the name "SMS Alert Order notifications". Install SMS Alert Order notifications and activate it.

SMS integration in Woocommerce Wordpress

Setup SMS alert plugin in wocommerce

After installed and activated, you have to click on the setting of SMS Alert in Woocomerce .

SMS integration in Woocommerce Wordpress

Get details to integrate SMS alert plugin

This step is very essential for you, where you need the username and password of the SMS Alert, which you get from the website of the SMS Alert.

SMS integration in Woocommerce Wordpress5

An SMS integration website

Click here to visit the website.

Click Here

Register on SMS alert

Now you have to register on this website.

SMS integration in Woocommerce Wordpress6

Register with Google and facebook

You can register with the help of Google and Facebook .

SMS integration in Woocommerce Wordpress7

Login on SMS integration website

Login after registration, after which you will get 5 SMS of NON-DND Number.You can try with NON-DND numbers . If you have need more so you can also purchase.

SMS integration in Woocommerce Wordpress

Filling all details in SMS integration plugin

Now you have to go on SMS Alert plugin and fill up the SMS Alert website username and password that found in your email id. After registration, open your Email Id and copy username and password from there and then paste in the SMS Alert WooCommerce plugin.

SMS integrate into WordPress

SMS gateway is successfully integrated

Now SMS gateway has been integrated . You can see the order message.

sms inegrate into wordpress-techno smarter

In this way, you can integrate the SMS Gateway in your website .

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