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I get an error when I submit the answer. The error is "Maximum length is 12000 characters"

 I want to increase the content length size. Maximum size is 12000 character and  I want to increase this size in my Question2answer QA base web application. I am worried about my Q2A content. I can not post content above  12000 characters.

I just want to increase my Q2A application answer length above 12000.
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1 Answer

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You are using Question2answer (Q2A) QA base application. Under the Q2A application answer characters already set to 12000. You can increase the length of answer characters through the maximum.php  file from the DB folder. 

I understand your concern. Yes, you can increase the length of characters. 

Question2answer allows you to customize the QA application. 

Increase maximum content length is 12000 characters in Q2A application

Navigate to the path - 


Edit the maxima.php file and find below code - 


change to 


Now save your Q2A file and execute. You will not get the error "Maximum length is 12000 characters" 

Hope ! it will helpful for you. 

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