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Wordpress themes play an important role in a website and blog. Design and functionality do matter for a website and blog. You need a website and blog with stunning design and well functioned.

Searching for the best designed and functional WordPress theme is a very difficult task. If you are searching for the WordPress theme for your business and blog, you can get information here related features and download direct. As you know WordPress is a CMS. CMS stands for the Content management system that helps in managing the content without any code. With the help of which we can create any kind of website.

If you do not about any programming code but you can create a blog or business website through the WordPress using Wordpress themes.

If you want to create a website for the hotel, then you have to focus on both the functionality and design. You should have a theme in which you can easily integrate payments.

You can easily get the payment by booking plugin .
If you want to create a website for tour and travel, then you have to maintain the highest level of functionality. The tour and travel website you need to have good features for booking and payment gateways.

There are various categories of WordPress themes. You can read about all theme features and download direct.

Best Wordpress Blog Themes

Publisher -BLOG, Newspaper, Magazine WP theme-

Wordpress Blog Theme

With the help of the Publisher WordPress theme, you can create any type of blog or a magazine website. Publisher theme is a powerful theme that provides various features to create a blog website.
With the help of the publisher, you can also any type of blog just like-Technology, News, Organic, Food, Hotel, Best Places, Medicines, etc.. If you want to create your own blog then you can easily create it. If you create a news website, then you should have to use the publisher's theme.

The publisher theme also offers you to customize your theme according to your needs.

The publisher offers you the facility to post all types of content - 1. Publisher wp theme helps allows you to easily post any type of video. You can also embed it from YouTube. Your videos from youtube will be shown on your blog.

2. Publisher gives you a gallery facility. You can easily create a gallery for your web blog and Magazine.

3. With the help of Publisher theme, you can easily post the audio on blog web.

4. With the help of the publisher, you can also set up unlimited posts. Set your post in the sidebar.

5. With the help of the publisher theme, you are also able to set up image posts.

6. Even if you want to write a quote, you can easily do it with the help of the publisher wp theme.

7. You get a variety of demos in the Publisher theme, from which you can use any type of demo and easily create your blog and Magazine theme.

8. In Wordpress Publisher Theme you get premium plugins free, which will very useful for your blog.

MagPlus Blog & Magazine WordPress theme

Wordpress Blog and News  Theme

MagPlus WordPress theme is a powerful theme that gives you a different demo of which you will be able to easily create any kind of blog, news blog, a technology blog or Magazine blog.

The mag plus theme offers you a lot of features.

As you know that with the help of the MagPlus Wordpress theme, you can easily create blogs, magazines, and news. It allows you a review features on all blog post.

1. MagPlus is a powerful website that loads with speed on your mobile or desktop.

2. In MagPlus theme you get Google Adsense plugin, which is a premium plugin

3. It gives a feature of the WooCommerce Plugin, if you want to sell products on your blog then you can easily do it with the help of WooCommerce plugin.

4. The magplus theme is 100% responsive WordPress theme which you can easily access any device.

5. The magplus theme also gives you features of SEO optimization, which can help you to optimize your Rank.

6 In MagPlus theme you get lots of demos, from which you can use any.

7. The magplus theme provides you lots of plugins free.

8. The page load time of MagPlus theme is very low.

9. MagPlus theme performance is very good.

9. The size of all pages is 2 MB, which is very cool.

Best Hotel Wordpress themes-

HOTEL XENIA - WordPress theme-

Wordpress Hotel Xenia Theme

If you want to create a website for the hotel, you need to know what to do, like the theme of the hotel, you should have the requirement of features. What kind of interface should you have the theme?

Let's talk about HOTEL XENIA theme
HOTEL XENIA is a well-designed wordpress theme that gives you kind of solutions to create the best website '.


HOTEL XENIA is a multipurpose theme with which you can develop a website in many ways.

1. HOTEL XENIA Theme lets you create a hotel website.

3. If you want to create a website for the resort, you can easily create with HOTEL XENIA WordPress theme.

4. Responsive theme.

5. You can easily create travel websites with HOTEL XENIA .

6. In HOTEL XENIA You get Visual Composer With the help of which you can easily customize your page and design. With the help of Visual Composer, you can easily add and remove new modules and create unique web structure.

7. It provides you a contact form through which visitors can contact you.

8. In HOTEL XENIA Theme you will find a Mail Chimp plugin that allows you to easily create a newsletter.

4.Google Map

5.Mobile optimize theme.

6 HOTEL XENIA included Clean Code that helps in SEO.

7. On click demo importer plugin

8 Contact and Booking Request Forms.

With the help of HOTEL XENIA Wordpress theme, you can make your hotel website well with functionality.

Hotel Calluna - Hotel & Resort WordPress Theme

Hotel Calluna Wordpress Theme

Hotel Calluna WordPress theme Mostly use for Hotel Web Development. If you want to make a website for your hotel, then you can easily create by it.

With the help of Hotel Calluna theme, you can perform the functioning of the room bookings.
You can easily customize your theme, It provides a plugin separately for booking, which performs the functioning of Room Booking.

Features of Hotel Hotel Calluna Wordpress Themes -

1. Hotel Calluna includes Visual Composer to make you visual, with the help of which you can easily edit and remove modules.

2. Hotel Booking Plugin - The hotel booking performs the functionality of booking.

3. Hotel Calluna also gives you the feature to post events.

4. Google Map

5,. With the help of Contact form 7 plugin, you can easily collect data from the end-user.

6. Customer support

7. Creating and managing the room type and price.

8.Paypal payment gateway

9, Stripe Payment Gateway

10. Reservation Form

Hotel Calluna WordPress theme is the best theme for all hotels website.

E-commerce -Online Store Wordpress themes-

Flipmart - Responsive E-commerce Wordpress Website(Same Copy of Flipkart.com)

Flipmart wordpress theme like flipkart

Flipmart is a WordPress website theme which is based on the design of the evening Flipkart website.If you want well designed and stunning e-commerce website, then you can use Flipmart theme. For the e-commerce website, you have to concentrate on design as well as functionality. If you want to create an online shop and want to sell your products on the website, you can easily sell your product.
Attractive websites grow visitors on your website. Flipmart is a complete RESPONSIVE website that optimized for a mobile device.

Inside the Flipmart theme, you get different types of categories of products.You can customize all categories according to your need. With Flipmart theme, you can create products, sell online a, get payments and support customers.

Features of Flipmart Wordpress theme -

1. Flipmart provides you the WooCommerce Plugin support, with the help of Woocommerce plugin you can create Products , edit, remove and get the payments from the customers etc. functionally.

2. Flipmart provides multiple language support.

3. Flipmart provides you the features of SEO optimization. With the help of which you can do the complete SEO.

4. It Supports Multicurrency.

5. Visual Composer .

6 MailChimp plugin keeps you connected smartly with customers.

7. Contact Form 7 for getting Information From End User.

8. Multiple Header Styles.

9. Complete Responsive WordPress theme.

10. Easy and Attractive Interface

11. Product rating feature like Flipkart.

With Flipkart WordPress theme, you can create a website of any type of e-commerce business.

Javenist E-Commerce Wordpress Theme (Multipurpose)

Wordpress theme for ecommerce website and online store

Javanist is a multipurpose e-commerce theme through which you can create many types of e-commerce web store. The jevenist theme is a Responsive Attractive WordPress Theme that helps you can create a website of digital e-commerce website, construction tools e-commerce website, organic e-commerce website, accessories, .. e-commerce website.

Jevenist ecommerce theme support Woocommerce, With the help of Woocommerce, you can create a product, edit, order management, customer management, etc. With the help of Jevenist WordPress theme, you can also create an e-commerce Website for construction tools. If you have to create an online shop and sell your construction tools online, you can easily do it with the help of the Jevenist theme.

Even if you want to create a digital product online shop, you can still do it with Jevenist WordPress theme.

Also If you want to sell organic products online, you can still do it with the Jevenist theme.

Features of Jevenist Wordpress Theme

1. Complete Support for WooComerce plugin.

2 Integrate Indian Currency Payment Gateways, Payumoney, Instamojo.

3. Fully Responsive Mobile Optimized

4. Multipurpose Wordpress theme for various e-commerce categories.

5. The Jevenist theme provides you lot of header styles.

6.If you want to create a blog for your WooCommerce website, then the Jevenist theme gives you the feature of the blog.

7.Jevenist wp Theme supports Multicurrency

9. Easy Custom Settings

10.MultiLanguage Support

11. Products Image Zoom

12.Visual Composer for Crete and Removal Modules.

13Revolution Slider

14 MailChimp for WordPress

15 Contact Form 7
Jevenist WordPress E-commerce theme is a multipurpose and full supported theme which helps you with Complete customization e-commerce theme.

Best Tour & Travel Wordpress Themes

Adventure Tours/ Travel Wordpress Theme

adventure wordpress theme

Adventure Tour wp theme gives you all the features of the WooComerce plugin. With the help of Woocommerce, you can create new products in future if needed to remove the product you can do it with the woocommerce plugin.

Features of Adventure Tour/Travel Wp Theme

1. Get online payments from customers.Woocommerce helps you integrate all payment gateways.

2. Adventure Tours WordPress Theme also gives you a feature of PayPal payment gateway.

3. With help of WooCommmerce plugin, you can sell products related then tour and travels.

4. Adventure Tour theme also gives you demo, which will allow you to easily create your website. Just by importing demo data, you can design your website customize according to your business.

5. Adventure Tour gives you a premium booking plugins free of cost,

6. It included MailChimp, you can easily manage your mail.

7.Contact Form 7

8. Visual Composer

Travelo -Tour & Travel Wordpress Theme

Wordpress Tour and travel Theme

Travelo - Travel and Tour WordPress Theme is a great and perfect theme for you, which is best for tour and travel. There are lots of websites for wordpress tour and travel, from which Travelo - Travel and Tour theme is best. The Travelo Tour WP Theme Support all type of booking.

It is a Well Designed and Attractive WordPress Theme, Travelo - Travel / Tour WordPress Theme gives you many features, which can help you keep maintain the functionality of your website. Travelo - Travel / Tour theme is a responsive theme that is cooperative with every device.

Let's know Travelo Wordpress theme features.

1. It is a responsive theme, optimize on mobile devices.

2. Travelo - Travel / Tour lets you experience the benefits of PayPal Payment Gateway. You can easily get paid through Paypal.

3. WooCommerce plugin helps you to create products and get online payments. With the help of Woocommece, you can integrate a lot of payment gateways.

4. The powerful payment system for booking.

5. Support Contact Form 7

6.Travelo - Travel / Tour you can easily customize according to your need.

7.Visual Composer

8.Better page loading

9 Stunning Animations

10. Customs Sliders

Travelo - Travel WordPress theme is a perfect theme for your business,

Best Spa & Salon - Beauty Wordpress Themes

Suko Spa & Salon WordPress Theme

Suko Spa Salon Wordpress Theme

Suko is a WordPress theme designed for the spa and salon. Suko - Spa Salon theme is a creative theme that has been created for the Special Spa and Salon. If you want to create a website for your spa and salon, you can create easily WordPress theme, beauty should look at your website as well as beauty. The reason for the beauty of the website is that you will easily get more customers.

Suko - Spa Salon theme provides you with a lot of features ¬

1. Fully Designed and Beauty WordPress Theme

2. With the help of Woocommerce, you can easily sell a beauty product and also get online payments. With the help of WooCommerce, you get all currency and integrate payment gateways.

3.SEO optimized HTML Structure.

4. Features of Contact Form 7

5 Well Designed Pages.

6.Super Clean Responsive Design

7.Custom Visual Composer Elements

8.One click Demo setup

Spa Beauty and Hair Salon WordPress Theme

Spa Beauty Wp Theme

Spa Beauty and Hair Salon also well designed WordPress theme. If you want to create a website for your Spa and Salon, you can easily create Spa Beauty and Hair theme of the salon theme is the very stunning theme. It is a fully responsive website, along with Designed High Functionality. Spa Beauty and Hair Salon Theme provide you with the well custom Page. With the help of which you can make your own salon and spa website unique and stunning, Directly words this theme offers fully animated and well functioning.

The Spa Beauty and Hair Salon offer you some special features.

Let's talk about FEATURES
1. Animated theme

2. Well, Functionality,

3.Low page load time

4. Spa Beauty and Hair is an SEO friendly theme that helps you rank your website.

5. Spa Beauty and Hair theme support Woocommerce plugin.

6.Contact Form 7

7. Clean Code

9.well Supported.

10. Blog Feature- By making the blog feature you can increase the rank of your website. With the help of a blog, you can write about your beauty products and sell them.

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