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Integrate comment section in website

The comments section plays a very important role on the blog website. Here we are learning to create an entire blog website, that too with the first tutorial. In this tutorial, we will learn to make a comment or discussion system. Nowadays there are some websites by which comment system can be integrated into your website easily. In this tutorial, we will try to integrate the discus comment system into the PHP page using the Discus website. First of all, let's talk about what kind of website is the Disqus website.

What is Disqus?

Disqus website is a discussion gateway website through which comment system or discussion system can be integrated into any kind of website. Various types of plugins are available on the Discus website, with the help of which any comment management system can be integrated into any type of content management system. If you want to integrate the discus comment system on a simple page or page, you can still easily integrate it. The Disqus website provides many features that can be moderated by the admin.

How to integrate comment or discussion system on blog websites using Disqus?

Some steps need to be followed to integrate Disqus gateway in the blog website. Comments or discussion systems can also be easily integrated into the PHP and HTML pages. Let us integrate the comments section on the blog website.

Step 1- First, sign up and login on the Disqus website.

Step 2- After login, click on the Get Started button. You can see the comment or discussion section on the page on the Disqus website.

comment system and discussion-by disqus website | Integrate disqus in blog website

Step 3- Now you have to click on the second option.
Click on “ I want to install Disqus on my site”.

integrate discussion system in blog website

Step 4- In this step, you have to give the title of your website. Define the category as well as the title of the web blog. Whatever kind of blog your website is, you have to choose the same category. After filling all these details, click on the create site button.

Comment system in PHP blog using discus discussion gateway

Step 5- In this step, you will see some subscription price tables. You read well If you want to do basic integration for free, then click on Basic subscription.

comment suscription by disqus

Step 6- In this step, you can see how many plugins provide discus. You can install comments and discussion sections on the blog website by installing any plugin from here.

if you want to integrate disqus comment and discussion section in simple HTML or PHP page then scroll down the page. At the bottom, you will get the universal code.

integrate discussion  and comment system in HTML and PHP pages using disqus

Step 7- This step is very important. In this step, you get some javascript codes, due to which the comment system in the blog website is integrated.

disqus comment section in website

.First paste this kind of code where you want to display the comment and discussion section. In this way, comments and discussion systems are easily integrated into the blog website by the Disqus.

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Putri Heda 01 Apr

Thank you for this great tutorial! it's helpful for me. 


@Putri Heda replied by Techno Smarter 01 Apr

This tutorial is made for comment and discussion systems. You loved it. You are most welcome.


@Techno Smarter replied by OG Mikky 06 Apr

Great tutorial. Very helpful for me too! Thank you and keep up the good work.


@OG Mikky replied by Techno Smarter 06 Apr

Thanks for your valuable words. We would like to request you to check our TS Blog system in PHP and also you can get it from there.