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I need information about Paytm KYC. I am going to do Paytm KYC but I didn't understand paytm KYC. Will you please share Paytm KYC information?
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Paytm Latest Updates in KYC - 

Paytm KYC


What is Paytm KYC?


KYC means verifying all information about your customer. In which you have to verify yourself with any government ID. If you want to do KYC in Paytm, you can use the service of Paytm by verifying yourself with the help of your Aadhar card. You can send the payment to another person and can send the payment to the bank if your Paytm KYC has been done. 


Paytm is an app that helps in the payment and bill? As you know that, is how Paytm works. But do you know that KYC has now become mandatory to use Paytm? Here we will know how to do KYC of Paytm. Before the KYC of Paytm, I would like to tell you why it would be necessary. Paytm When KYC was not mandatory some time ago, you could easily pay and pay but now Paytm KYC has become mandatory Now you can not use Paytm without KYC.



What type of ID can the Paytm KYC be?


Paytm KYC  is available for age 18 because of these reasons? 

1. Aadhar card - Paytm KYC can be easily done with an Aadhar card nowadays everybody has an Aadhar card. You can easily verify your number from your Aadhar card and complete Paytm KYC.


2. Driving License - If you do not have an Aadhar card, you can also do a driving license also works as an ID for you.

3. Voter ID - If you do not have an Aadhar card or a driver's license then you can also verify yourself using the voter ID.


4. Passport - You can also make KYC by using Passport to Paytm KYC.


5. NREGA Job Card - If you do not have any of the four given above, then you can also easily verify by using NREGA Job Card. In this way, you can use Paytm KYC by using any ID.

Paytm has 2 parts for KYC - (Steps to KYC) Steps to Paytm KYC?

1. Identification

2. Verification

1. Identification


Identification, You can do it yourself or you can also go to the Direct Shop.


 You can not do it yourself  You need to go to the nearest Paytm shop.  You cannot verify without visiting the Paytm Shop.

Paytm KYC ay your doorstep.

Paytm KYC latest update 

Comment me for more help. I will help you in 2 minutes 

<p><em>My paytm account not verified my pancard FEUPK8503M submted and name Sajeevkumar Kainattil Kunjan is not correct replay your system immediately notify me, and make payments today My paytm marchnt account, KYC center not support in KERALA state ernakulam district muvattupuzha VALAKOM&nbsp;</em></p>
sajeevkumarkk100 02 Jan 2019
You are not elaborated proper . If your PAN Card is not varyfied and paytm kyc cnter is not supported the you need to contact paytm care number Paytm 24*7 Customer Helpline Numbers Bank, Wallet and Payments 0120-4456-456 Movies and Events Tickets 0120-4728-728 Paytm Mall Shopping Orders 0120-4606060 Paytm Travel Tickets and Forex 0120-4880-880 You can get support from you paytm account . Search options 24x7 paytm help support . Hope you will get your solution soon .
shakti 03 Jan 2019
Mr. Sanjeev, Paytm KYC center is available in all cities. Search Paytm KYC center on your Paytm application and get done Paytm KYC near you.
sunnypundir 08 Jul 2019

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Paytm KYC center is available in all the city. You can find paytm KYC center near you and get done your paytm KYC easily.  

Go to your paytm application click on profile and click on complete PAYTM kyc. Here you can search for paytm KYC center.


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