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Tell me about that, How old are you to do to make paytm KYC ? Can we do paytm KYC under age 18?
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According to the policy of Paytm, you must be 18 years old to do Paytm KYC. 

If you are below 18 age, you cannot do the complete Paytm KYC process. 

Paytm Terms & Conditions:

According to paytm terms  & conditions user should be 18 age. 

You must be 18 to KYC in any online company
.Igf you are below 18 age then you can not complete paytm KYC . 


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To complete Paytm KYC, your age should be 18 or above 18. If you are below 18 then you can not complete Paytm KYC.


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