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I want to know paytm KYC benefits.
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1 Answer

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 Paytm company gives you a lot of benefits for KYC account. KYC is a must for all Paytm user. Without paytm KYC you cannot get any benefits. 

There are a lot of benefits of paytm KYC. 

1. You will become a trusted customer of Paytm after paytm KYC process. You will get more cash back benefits and facilities. 

2. One of the best benefits is that you can open your saving account and send and receive money from bank accounts and to bank account without any charge. 

3. Transfer money to bank account without any charge . You can get money from another paytm user and transfer to your bank account without any transfer charge. You can not transfer money without paytm KYC . It is a paytm benefit that allows get money from the user and transfer to bank account without any charge. 

4. After paytm KYC complete, you will get Rupay debit card. This is a major benefit of paytm KYC. You can buy products online. You can order your Rupay debit card. Order your Rupay debit card and get the best benefit by spending 120 rupees. 

5. You can use Paytm Rupay debit card on any ATM machine. Paytm provide this benefit by spending 120 rupees only. Get your Rupay debit card and use to any ATM machine to withdraw money.

6. Complete your Paytm KYC and get 4% interest rate of your saving which is less than another bank account.

7. You will get 200 rupees after complete your PAYTM KYC

.  The benefit of 200 rupees after done paytm kyc

8 . Send money to users. Take business payment online. Create your paytm business account. 


Kyc will help you to extend payment amount without any limitations up to RS 1 Lakh per month

These are the benefits of Paytm KYC. You will get all the benefits after complete Paytm KYC . 


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