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I am a busy person.KYC store is not near me. Can I do paytm KYC without going any paytm store?
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No, According to paytm latest update you can not complete your Paytm KYC without visit paytm KYC point . Paytm removed at the doorstep option from paytm application . Now you can not complete your paytm kyc at the doorstep. 

Paytm KYC latest update-

Les's discuss Paytm update - 

If you want to complete your Paytm KYC, you have to visit near Paytm KYC point . 

Lat's find near paytm kyc point  - 

Step 1- Fist of all log in on Paytm application. After login, click  Paytm KYC icon .

paytm kyc icon

Step 2- In this step, you will find that you can not complete paytm KYC at your door. Doorstep option is not available on Paytm application. 

You have to find out near KYC store and get complete your KYC at paytm KYC point. 

Now select your state and district. 


Step 3- 

Now you can see near KYC point details. 

find near kyc store

You can not complete your paytm KYC at the doorstep. 

This is clear that you can not complete your Paytm KYC without going Paytm store .

If you have any problem with your address and any other kyc center issue then visit 24X7 help support. 

find out paytm 24X7 help support

1. Select paytm KYC. 

2. I want to do kyc .

3. Now choose your KYC related issue. 

4. Select message option. You will find message option below the instructions.

5. Describe your problem and submit to Paytm .

Hope you will get paytm kyc complete soon.

Pautm KYC tutorial

Comment me if you have any issue.  

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These options are removed from Paytm ..

Yes, you can get KYC complete at your address that is known as KYC at your doorstep. 

You do need to go to paytm store. You can do paytm KYC complete without going any paytm store. 

An option is available in the paytm application.

Let's talk about the paytm KYC step at your home address (At your doorstep)


1. Identification

Identification can be done either by yourself or you can also do it at the sirect paytm store. 

Step I-Identification, you first have to log in to your Paytm. After logging in to paytm, you will get a KYC icon that you have to click. If you are not getting a KYC icon, then I will tell you that KYC icon comes on the right side after Link your Bank A / c, you can see KYC icon in the image below. 

Step II - In this step you do not do anything, just click on the Process Button.

 III - These steps are very important. In this step, you put your aadhard card number also, you have to put your name. Your name is also the same name on the Aadhar card. By entering the aadharcard and name, you have to give the Terms and Conditions a check. After that, you have to click on the process button. 

 IV-After clicking on the process, you will have a message that will be from the aadharcard. This message always comes in the same number linked to your Aadharcard, in that message you will get an OTP code that you have to fill. After that, click on the button for the next process, after which your base card will open in front of you and you will have to confirm again by clicking on the next process. 

 V - In this way you can see that your identity will be done and you can easily see. Now you have to verify the second process.

2. Verification-

Verification You can not do it yourself You will have to go to the nearest shop of Paytm to make verification. Quick Verification is done by putting a thumb on your shop. You can not verify without visiting the Paytm Shop

Paytm KYC at your doorstep -

I- Now let's talk about how to get verification done at your home without going paytm shop , you will get the option of AT your doorstep at the bottom of your KYC Point, which will be named AT your Doorstep.  

II- AT your doorstep, a form will open up to you which will fill you in your Name, House No, Pin Code, City, State, Mobile No, now you have to click on Add Address and getKYC complete without going paytm shop . A paytm service person will come to your address and you will get kyc complete soon. 

This is the process to get Paytm KYC complete at your doorstep. This process will help you cpmplete the PAYT KYC without going any paytm store. 

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Thank you, Shakti. My problem has been solved. I have submitted my address form paytm KYC at my home address.