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I forgot my paytm account password. I have tried but can't find any solution in my paytm application. How can I set paytm account forgot password?
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If you have to change the password of your Paytm account or you have forgotten your password, then you will need to dial a number via your registered mobile

. The Paytm company has come up with a process in which you can not change your Paytm account password or get your forgotten password without a registered mobile number.

You have to dial a number to set and get the forgotten password. There are a few steps to reset the Paytm forgot password. Let's talk about how to change the password of the Paytm account or how to set up the forgotten password?

Steps to change the forgot Paytm account password -

Step 1- Fiest of all you have to need dial a number with a Paytm registered number. The number should be the same account number. You can not reset the forgotten password via email id. If you have not registered your mobile number then you need to reissue the number. Without the Paytm account number, you can not change the Paytm password.


Paytm forgot password reset number - 01204888488

Paytm account password reset number

paytm account forgot password reset number

Step 2.

After dialing the number press 1 or two for choosing the language. Choose your language.

Step 3- Now hit button 1 to get the forgot Paytm account password reset link.

How to get paytm account forgot password ?

Step 4 -

If you want to change and reset forgot the password you have to visit the link. The link is given by the Paytm after call end.

Now you will receive a message from Paytm.

The message contains a forgot password link. You have to visit that link.

Paytm account password reset link

step 5-

Now fill up the new Paytm account password. First of all, fill up the password and confirm the filled password same as.

How to change forgot paytm account password ?

Now you will get a successful message from Paytm.

"You have successfully changed your password "


Paytm account password change successfully | get paytm forgot account password


Paytm account forgot password reset


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