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I need information about paytm kyc at the doorstep.
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Yes , You can also paytm KYC on your doorstep too. You ha to need to fill up the address and details after that you will get PAYTM KYC complete at your doorstep. 

To get the paytm KYC on your address or doorstep, you get an option in the paytm application. With the help of which you can do the paytm KYC  on your doorstep.

To do paytm KYC at your  Doorstep, you will have to first identify yourself through the Aadharcard in your paytm application. 

Identification is done by yourself but the verification can be done by near paytm store or at your doorstep.

I have answered same here.  

Paytm KYC at your doorstep

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