Local server vs Global Server .| Difference Between Local Server and Global Server

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Before knowing about the local and global server you should know about a server. The server is like storage for your web files. The files you create are saved inside the server. Whenever you can make it to the locally you can use this server on a single system and in the organization. Whenever you visit a website, the browser sends a request to the server, then the server returns the output to the related request. There are two types of servers local and global server.

Local Server-

Xampp ,Wamp etc.

Global Server-

Web Hosting .

Local Server -

You use local server on a system and inside an organization .
You can run CMS(Content Management System) and LANGUAGE, such as HTML, PHP, WordPress, Perl, Megento, etc on the local server. Local server does not require internet.
Only your web application on the local server can visit a system or any an organization .
Local servers are completely free.

Global Server

Global server is an online server, by which you can visit your website from anywhere. If you are in other city or the other country you can still visit the Global Server with the help of internet .
You will need internet for the Global Server.
Global Servers depend on the internet speed, if your internet speed is working slow then the website will also be open slow. You can use the global server from anywhere and others people can visit your website with the help of your website link ..
In this way, you and other persons can visit your website globally.

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