What is Xampp Server ? | Local Server

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Xampp is a local server that provides you many facilities. You can run on xampp HTML, PHP, WORDPRESS, PERL, Magento, etc. You cannot run your website with xammp because it is a local server.
You can use for a particular system and organization.
How to download and install xampp ?.

There is a scripting language that you cannot run direct. You will need a server to run the PHP scripting language.

Then you need a xampp local server for running the PHP files.

With the help of xampp you can easily run your php files. By the way, you can also do the same with the name ' Wamp local server '.

There is a small difference between xampp server and wamp server.

In this way, you can run xampp on a system and in an Organization.

On the app, you can run as many as possible PHP, WordPress, Perl, HTML, Magento, etc .

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