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My old PNB ATM debit card is not working. I want a new chip-based ATM card of Punjab National Bank.I don't know about chip-based ATM card. I tried my ATM card to the ATM machine and it has given me nothing. I tried much time but it is not working. I shared this issue to PNB customer care number 18001802222. They told me that non-chip based cards are blocked. You need to get a new chip-based ATM debit card. I don't know how to get a new chip-based ATM card from PNB bank? I want to apply for a new PNB bank chip-based ATM card. How to fill up the PNB bank ATM / Card Form?
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According to Lates News, all non-chip ATM cards have been blocked. Now you can not get money withdrawal using a non-chip-based ATM card. If you have to withdraw money from an ATM, then you will have to take a new chip-based ATM card from your bank. According to Punjab National  Bank, you can take a Chip Base ATM Card by visiting your nearest bank, Through the Punjab National Bank (PNB), you will easily be able to get the new Chip Base ATM Card.


Some Steps to Take a New Chip Based debit card (ATM Card )from the PNB Bank.


1. First of all, go to the nearby PNB Branch. You can take a chip-based ATM card from any PNB  bank branch.


2. You have to take an ATM card form by visiting the PNB Bank.


3. You have to fill the ATM card (Debit card ) form.


4. With the help of the ATM (Debit Card) form, you will be able to take the chip-based debit card.


5. You need to attach an ID with an ATM form (debit card). You can attach a photocopy of any of the following IDs with your ATM card form (debit card).


A. Aadhar card. 

B. Voter ID


6. By submitting your ATM form (debit card) to the bank official, you will get the Chip Base ATM Card immediately. 



How to fill up PNB bank ATM form (debit card) for Chip Base ATM card.


Get a Chip-based ATM / Debit card of PNB bank via filling up an ATM card form.

ATM form PNB  filled 

1. You got a lot of fields in the PNB ATM form but you have to fill a few of them. First of all, fill in the same day date which you will get at the top.

PNB ATM form date should not be wrong. For a chip-based ATM card, you only have to fill up the date of Same Day. Your chip based ATM card is started on the same date.


2. In the next option, you have to fill in the name of the account holder in the block letter. The block letter is the letter that you have to write your name in Capital Letters.

3. In this step, you have to fill up the name of the account holder in blocks. The account holder's name should be in capital letters and one box contains one alphabet.

4. Now fill up the D.O.B ( date of birth). DOB should be correct.  

5. To get a chip-based ATM card you need to fill up your mobile number also. Fill up the mobile number in the PNB ATM card form. 

6. Fill up your email id. Email ID is not mandatory. You can fill or not. It depends on you. 

7. In this step, you have to fill up your main account number. PNB account number should be correct. Chip-based ATM card authorized this account number.

8. At last, you have to the signature. The signature should be the same in the account. 

The signature should be matched for the chip based ATM card. If your signature does not match, so you do not get any chip-based debit card. Write your same account signature. 

9. Now paste the photo of the passport size in the given caption. 

10 Attach an ID and submit it to the bank. 

You will get the chip base ATM CARD (Chip-based debit card ) immediately. 


Apply for PNB bank ATM card | PNB bank ATM card form fill up




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