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I got a new chip-based debit card and I want to set Green pin online.
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If you have taken a new Chip Base PNB Bank ATM card, you have to set your ATM Card PIN with the help of Green Pin. With the help of Green Pin, you can also reset the PIN of your ATM card.

 You can also do Green Pin Reset by visiting ATMs. But if you have to reset the green pin online, then you will have to use the official website of the bank. But with the help of the Bank's website, you will easily set the PIN of your ATM card by setting the green PIN. 


You know that non-chip basses  ATM cards are now blocked. Non-chip-based ATM cards are not working. If you withdraw money from an ATM with a non-chip-based ATM card, then you get ATM blocked. This means that you will not be able to make any transactions from the non-chip-based ATM card. You will need to take a new chip-based ATM in order to transit. 

After taking the Chip-based ATM of PNB Bank, your mobile number comes with a 6 digit green pin. By using this 6 digits green pin, you can set up a PIN from an ATM machine or online. 


Generate PNB bank green pin OTP.

1.if you have received a new Chip-based ATM card then your mobile number got 6 digits green pin. If you do not have any green pin on your registered mobile number then you can easily set up the green pin.


2. To set the green pin, you have to make a message. You have to do this with your registered mobile number which is registered with the Punjab National  Bank.


Send SMS DCPIN <16 digit Debit Card Number> to 5607040



In this way, you will get a green pin set. Green pin is active for 72 hours. With the help of Green Pin, you can easily change the PIN of the ATM card. Even if you have forgotten the PIN of the ATM card, you can easily set up the ATM card PIN by setting the green PIN. 



You can change your PNB bank ATM CARD pin using 6 digit green pin. First of all, visit the PNB bank website. On the PNB bank website, you can change your debit card password through 6 digits green pin.  Visit the PNB bank official website and click on Internet banking login. Here, you can get ATM card forgotten password.  


PNB bank official website



2. After clicking on Internet banking login, you redirect to PNB online banking service. Now click on Retail Internet Banking. You can click on Generate debit card pin also. Click on Retail Internet Banking. 

change PNB ATM card pin online


3. Here, you can see the PNB user ID box but you do not need to fill up the PNB bank user ID because you want to change or get a new  ATM card pin via green pin. Now click on generate debit card pin. 

change pnb bank ATM card pin online


4. Here, you come to the set the debit card pin page. You can get more information about generating a green pin by the message. DCPIN <16 digit Debit Card Number> to 5607040. 

Now enter your PNB bank account number and click on the continue button.   

set PNB bank ATM green pin online


5. Now you get an OTP(One-time password ) number by the message on the registered mobile number. 

Enter that OTP here and click on continue. 

change PNB bank ATM pin online

6. This is one of the essential steps to generate a PNB ATM card pin by green pin.

In this step, you need green pin OTP number  that is created by this message 

Send SMS DCPIN <16 digit Debit Card Number> to 5607040


A. Enter your ATM card 16 digit number. 

B. Enter generated 6 digit green pin OTP number. 

C. Enter the captcha if available.

After filling all fields, click on the submit button. 



generate PNB bank ATM card pin by green pin


7. Enter new ATM card pin 

change pnb bank ATM card pin online


Now you can see the successful message. 

Generate PNB bank  Green pin OTP


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