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I have a problem that I have been unable to call anybody from my Jio SIM,  If I call from my side, the calls are ended. Any other person cannot call me.  I don't know about this jio calls problem. I tried many days but the calls are ended. The internet is properly working but the call is not coming and outgoing. VOLTE  or LTE is not showing on the network. 

I restarted my phone but my problem was not solved. 

I am sharing my problem that my jio calls not working but the internet is working. How can fix this problem?

Kindly share the best solution.

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Jio calls issue fix by  2 methods - 

As you know, Jio is Mukesh  Ambani's ambitious Jio sim has launched during the Note banned, which benefited everyone. JIO  was used free for almost a year. There are some issues with JIO  sim.

1. When jio has come to the market there was the lowest network. All peoples were distressed by JIO. 


2. Getting Started When you wanted to call by Jio Sim, you got network busy or you could not make your call.


3. Some handsets can support JIO sim. Some other handsets support the JIO sim but calls are not possible without JIO voice call. 

The call issue comes with Volte phones. If your phone is LTE then there is no problem.


4. Now a new issue came that your internet is working in a proper way but not a call. You are unable to call and another person also unable to call you. Two issues - 1. Call ended. ( If you call )

2. Out of reach (if someone calls you ) 

3. If your internet is not also working then don't worry. 



Let's talk about how to fix the JIO calls issue. 


JIO  calls issues have been seen from a few days.  These problems are visible to some of the handsets. 



There are 2 ways to fix  Jio calling problem. 



1. Fix calls and internet issues by mobile  Settings. 


If this problem coming to your mobile phone then you have to do some settings in your mobile phone. 


After setting, your phone call will be done and the internet will also run.


Steps to fix jio calls and internet problems. 

. First, go to your phone settings. If you are using any phone you can search for this setting in it.

These settings are applicable to all phones.


First of all, go to the settings of your handset.

b.Now search for  SIM cards & Mobile networks. After the search, you have to click on SIM cards & Mobile networks. 

Fix jio call and internet issue .

c. In this step, you have to click on JIO 4G. You can find SIM 1 ( JIO 4G )  at top of mobile screen.  Click on JIO 4G . 

jio alls internet issue fixed

d. Now turn on Jio 4G and click on preferred network. You can search in another mobile for preferred network option. 

jio calls issue  fixed

e. After click on the preferred network you have need choose Prefer LTE.  

jio calls and internet  issue fixed

f. Now back to the SIM cards & Mobile networks. Search for VoLTE enabled and enable the VoLTE.

solve jio calls problem

g. Now on IM cards & Mobile networks, you have to search for the internet and select JIO 4G ( If JIO 4G is not set ) 

Your  jio phone calls and internet are not working

Now make a call.


If you are unable to fix your problem then try another solution. 


 2. Solve JIO  call problem by calling on customer care number 198 - 

It will work for all handsets without any complexity. In this method, you will need another working JIO phone. 

Call JIO customer number by dialing 198. Express your problem. They will help you. 


If you have any problem regarding this then comment me. Fix jio calls issue

Thanks . Now my jio calls are working ..
priyasharma4005 17 Nov 2018
I think you are a genius. You have solved my problem. Now I can help someone to solve jio problem.
priyasharma4005 24 Nov 2018

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