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Difference between Sessions and cookies in PHP.

Session - Session is a server-side resource that is associated with the cookie's information. Session intact the cookies information and the cookies store user information under the client-side. The session is not a client-side resource but the cookies are a client-side resource that stored the information under the browser (client-side ). 

Cookies- Cookie is a client-side resource. We initiate it to store the login and other user information under the browser. When a user login using cookies and sessions the session is associated with cookies information and log in to the account. When the user logs out the account after that session has been destroyed. If you close the window directly and log in again that time cookies help you to login account without filling in your username and password( All user information+ ).


  • It is stored an unlimited amount of data.
  • It is holding the multiple variables in sessions.

Cookies - 

  • It is stored a limited amount of data. It is only allowing 4kb[4096bytes]
  • It is not holding the multiple variables in cookies. 

Session - You have to need to start the session on every page. 

  The session is more secure because it is stored on the server, we can not easily access it. 

Cookies - You do not need to start cookies on every page. 

Cookies are stored on the local computer (client-side
), basically, it maintains user identification means it tracks visitors' records.. 



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