WooCommerce side cart in WordPress ecommerce website

WordPress is one of the famous CMS that is used to create a kind of website. The eCommerce website can be more complex to use but if you use the plugins, you can make the eCommerce website more friendly to use. In this tutorial, we will learn how to add a WooCommerce side cart to the WordPress eCommerce website. You can easily add a side cart in the wordpress eCommerce theme. You have to install a side cart plugin on your WordPress panel. You can easily customize your side cart from the wordpress admin panel.

How to a side cart work?

The side cart helps to ignore the cart page and refresh a page. When the user clicks on add to cart button the cart appears on the right side. Users can process for checkout without visiting the cart page. This operation is completed with AJAX. AJAX is a JS method that is used to execute PHP code without page refreshing. As you know that Wordpress CMS is developed on PHP programming with MYSQL database.

AJAX side cart helps to reduce the time of purchasing goods from the wordpress website.

How to install the WooCommerce side cart plugin in WordPress?

We already discussed in a tutorial how to install the wordpress plugin. You can easily install a side cart on your wordpress eCommerce website.

  1. First of all download the side cart plugin.
  2. Go to the wordpress admin panel.
  3. Click on plugins->add New.
  4. Click on the upload plugin.
  5. Choose the downloaded zip file and install it now.
  6. Activate the plugin after successfully installed.

Now, visit the home page or shop page as well as the product single page (All pages with add to cart icon or button). Click on add to cart button or icon. You will see a cart on the right side of the browser. Now, users can add single or multiple products to side cart and checkout for them.

You can customize the side cart from the settings.

WooCommerce side cart plugin –

The WooCommerce side cart plugin is used to add a cart on the right side. This is known as the AJAX side cart because we can execute PHP code without page refreshing with AJAX. The side cart plugin reduces the time of purchasing multiple goods from the website. The side cart plugin helps users to customize product quantity.In this way, you can add a WooCommerce side cart to the wordpress eCommerce website.

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