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WordPress Plugin plays an important role, by which we can do the task If you are searching for the freest WordPress, you will get a complete knowledge here. As you know, WordPress is a CMS(Content Management System) that you do not need to code. Just to do any task you just have to install the plugin. Well, In the market a lot of plugins for which you have to pay money. But here you will read about the plugins for which you do not have to pay any money and they are all free and the best plugins. If you have to do any task, you can download and install Direct. Today's times where the expensive plugin available which can not be easily purchased by them.

Let's talk about which plugins free, best and useful for you.

Learn Press Wordpress Plugin (LMS->Learning Management System & Free )

Free wp plugins

If you want to create an LMS WordPress education website then you can create by its plugin name is Learn Press, which is absolutely free. The full form of LMS is a Learning Management System with the help of which you can create your online learning website. You know all about the Udemy website where you can easily study by purchasing any course. Learn Press Plugin also gives you similar features that are absolutely free. With the help of Learn Press, you can easily create an education lecture online. With the help of the Learn Press Plugin, you can also create an LMS website by inserting any lecture video tutorial.


1. Learn press helps you to create an educational website online to the learning system.

2. Learn Press is a totally free plug-in that gives you the flexibility to create an LMS website.

3. Learn Press can make a selection online by creating your complete course .

4. Learn Press also gives you the facility to create different Lectures.

5. With the help of the Learn Press, you can also display the video of the complete lecture for your course.

6. WordPress gives you the benefit if you want to create your education online.

7. You can also add any quiz to the user.

8. It is very easy to manage the learning press plugin.

9. In the Learn, Press will get you such a feature which will be able to help you greatly, which cannot read any course without Enroll number, for that the first thing is for the user to purchase the course after that course he starts on enrollment.
This is the best and free plugin for the LMS website.

WP Mail SMTP (Integrate MAIL )

Free WordPress best plugin-WP MAIL SMTP

E-mails are very important for all business but that is not impossible if you send the mail to a lot of people. As you how important you make any business contact You can not mail one by one to all contact . for the example -Flipkart is a Biggest Online Shopping Portal , which makes you too much product available that you can easily purchase and deliver for your home easily but do you know that the customer who buys the product from Flipkart has got the confirmation mail from the filpkart that is done by the Mail SMTP . If you have 1000 customers, you have a reminder by mail. You can use WP Mail SMTP.

The full form of the SMTP is simple mail transfer protocol that helps you send your mail from one address to another address.


1. With the help of WP Mail SMTP, you can easily configure the SMTP.

2. WP Mail SMTP also gives you the feature of using Gmail SMTP.

3. With WP Mail SMTP Help you can configure any server.

4. WP Mail SMTP also gives you the facility for testing purpose.

5. You can easily get an SMTP for an e-commerce website.

6. For the LMS plugin, if you have to integrate SMTP, then you can easily do it with WP Mail.

7. You can also easily configure for password reset mail, new password mail, client email, etc.

8.WP Mail SMTP plugin allows you to easily reconfigure the wp_mail() function to use a trusted SMTP provider.

9. This helps you fix all WordPress not sending email issues.

10.WP Mail SMTP plugin includes four different SMTP setup options:

Mailgun SMTP
SendGrid SMTP
Gmail SMTP
All Other SMTP

Email Subscribers & Newsletters

Email-Subscribers-Newsletters-Free Plugin

If you want to send a subscription or post to email for any website or blog, then you can not do it yourself, is not the right way for you Email Subscribers & News Letter can do it.
Whenever you add new posts from Email Subscribers & Letter, Your website user will also get a notification for mail. But the question arises that if the user has a notification of how to get a message from us? The answer to the website contains a form of Email Subscribers & will be shown on your website, which consists of two fields that have a field name and the second field is of an email id. When a file c his name and mail id after filing it he will click on submit button, then he gets the news and blog post notifications of the website, Email Subscribers & News Letter, Free WordPress Plugin, It is also easy to manage.

Email Subscribers & Newsletters FEATURES-

1. Enhancing Visitors.

2. Send new notification of post to the user

3. Collect customer emails.

4. Send a new newsletter.

5. Send Automated Emails as soon as a new blog post is published.

6. Removing & manage the user.

7. Visitor Reminder of Website blog post and newsletter.

AweBooking - Hotel Booking System

WordPress free plugins -Awe hotel booking plugin

For the hotel's website, you need a plugin called AweBooking - Hotel Booking System. With the help of AweBooking - Hotel Booking System Plugin, you can easily online room management for your hotel website. AweBooking - Hotel Booking System is a free plugin for which you do not have to pay any money. If you want to create a website for any hotel, then you can use the AweBooking - Hotel Booking System to do hotel room management, calendar management.

Although there are lots of plugins available in the market, the AweBooking - Hotel Booking system is a nice and free plugin. AweBooking - Hotel Booking System also offers a facility for check availability, with the help of which any customer can know whether rooms are available or not.

Features of AweBooking - Hotel Booking System -

1. Managing the Room.

2. You can also manage room type with the room.

3. Multi-locations

4. Extra Services

5. With the help of AweBooking, you can also manage the price.

6.Room availability management

7.By request booking

8. Check available widget

9.Email notification


 With the help of AweBooking plugin, you can also manage hotel booking, hostels, etc. room.

WooCommerce Pluging ( for E-commerce Website )

free WordPress plugin-Woocommerce

Woocommerce is a WordPress plugin that is used for an e-commerce website. If you have to create an e-commerce website then you can do it with the Woocommerce plugin.
Woocommerce Plugin is absolutely free, you can use it by downloading it directly. There should be a good plugin for any e-commerce website that can handle the e-commerce complete process. You can do Woocommerce to handle the complete process. The most website is being used Woocommerce nowadays.

By using Woocommerce free plugin, you can sell physical and digital products online.

Features of Woocommerce

1. You can easily sell digital and physical products.

2. Inventory management

3. Product Add

4. Products Edit.

5. Product Delete

6. Offer free shipping, flat rate shipping, or make real-time calculations.

7. Vouchers give you many kinds of payment methods like. major credit cards, PayPal, BACS (bank transfers), and cash on delivery.

8.WooCommerce also offers you the facility to integrate complete mail service.

9. It also gives you the feature of integrating the SMS gateway.

10. You can also integrate the payumoney, instamozo, paytm payment gateways in Woocommerce.

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