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The Divi Theme has introduced a new feature: the name is Audio Module. With the help of an Audio Module, we can insert any type of song(audio) on our web pages. This is a significant module for a music website, which can help you insert your favorite music with any page. As you know, Divi is being updated Day by Day, which means its modules are also to do some changes. As you know, With divi you can find a lot of modules, of which, you can create different websites by performing different tasks. If you want to create a downloading or music website like this, you can use the Audio Module.

However, Divi becomes the most popular nowadays, So everybody wants to know about DIVI'S Modules.

Let's talk about how you can use the audio module on your website.
First of all, you have to go to any page on the WordPress website. You just have to install the Divi theme after that, as soon as you want to create a page, you have to go to the same page and whatever model you have to implement it on the page. To implement, you have to first select the row and the column. After that, in the next process, you have to insert a module. To insert the model click on the insert module and after that, a popup window will open in front of you and You can easily click on the audio module to use.

DIVI audio module

After selecting the audio module, you have to do some simple settings. To make settings you have to click on the audio module. Now you want to insert the song you want to insert, the title of the song, what the artist name, album name and an image which will be a feature image.

divit theme audio module title song artist divi theme audio module title song name artist upload divi theme  custimising and design divi module

Some other module features-

1. Change the background color.

2.Text Orientation- You can arrange the text left, right or center.

3.Text color- Set the text color you want.

4. Text Shadow: - Use shadows for text,

5.Image Brightness:- Set the feature image brightness

6. Image Contrast:- Set the image contract

7. Image Opacity:- Use the image opacity effects

8. Image Blur:- Make the image blur

9. Title Text- Mange the text design you want

Title Heading Level:

Title Font Weight:

Title Font Style:

Title Text Alignment:

Title Text Color:

Choose custom Color

Title Text Size:

Title Letter Spacing:

Title Line Height:

Title Text Shadow:

10. Advance - Use CSS - You can use extra CSS for designing the Module.


You can find the more much-designing part with this module. In this way, you can design your audio module in any way.

One of the best benefits of the DIVI theme is that you can design a module by including the extra advance CSS.

Audio Module Demo (Divi theme)-

After this you have to do the complete configuration of this module, you have to click on the publish button and you can easily go to the same page to see your module has been created, you can see it play or stop or volume work or more.

divi theme audio module divi theme demo
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