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WordPress website can’t be created without the WordPress theme. If you want to create the best functional website then you will need a WordPress theme. As you know that there are a lot of WordPress themes available on the internet market but for these themes, you have to pay. You cannot download without payment. If you want to download free WordPress themes then you will have to go to a website that gives you the best website for free. If you want to download WordPress theme free, you can easily follow it by following the steps. is a WordPress official website. From which you can download free website but you do not get the demo data(content). Without demo data, you can not change the content of your website. Without a demo, a theme is useless. If you download a theme, you get demo data with it. By importing demo data, you can easily change your content according to your needs.

There are many themes on Wordpress.Org with which you can import your demo but most of the themes are without demo data, in which you have to make the structure. A theme without demo data is completely empty(null theme).

If you find demo data with free WordPress theme then how much better is it?

Let's talk about how to download free themes of WordPress.

Step 1-Download free wordpress themes

If you want to download Wordpress themes for free, you have to flow steps. First, click on the link below.

Step 2-A free wp themes provider website

After clicking on the link, a website will open in front of you, on which you will be able to see a lot of WordPress themes. From this website, you can download free WordPress themes for kind of website.

For Examples-
If you want to create a blog and you need a free blog theme then you have to search the blog. After searching the blog theme, you will get the result of a lot of WordPress blog themes, from which you can download any theme.

B. If you need a WordPress theme for any business, you can still download it. The business themes like - Hotel, Restaurant, Company Website, E-commerce Website, Spa-Salon.LMS (Learning Management System) WordPress theme etc. Search any theme and click on it -

Free WordPress theme

Step 3- Download free wordpress themes after demo

In this step, you can see the demo. After seeing the demo, you have to copy the following link. After the copy, paste the URL in the browser's new tab and open it. In this step, you will get lots of links from which you can easily download the theme for WordPress with demo data.

Step 4-Download best WordPress themes for free

After going to the link, you have to click on the download button. On different links, you have to see where the download buttons are available, you will be able to easily download free WordPress themes.

download free wp themes

After downloading the theme you have to install it, after that you have to import the demo data that you will get in the zip file. The demo data format may be XML or JSON.
In this way, you can easily create your website by downloading the free WordPress theme.

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