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Divi theme is a page builder theme, which can help you to create a type of websites. Although the Divi theme is available the latest version in the market for that, you have to pay to use it. If you want to download a free theme for free, then you can download by this link -

How To download Divi Theme for free?


After downloading the theme, you get a rar formate if you install it directly, you will not be able to install it. You have to follow some steps to install it, with the help of which you will be able to install.

How to install Divi theme on WordPress?

Let's talk about how to install Divi Theme -

Installing the Divi Theme is a very easy task. Divi theme is also installed just like a normal WordPress theme. If you do not even know how to install a simple theme, you can learn by clicking here -

How to install themes in WordPress -


If you know how to install the WordPress theme, it will be very easy for you.
After downloading the Divi Theme, you have to follow the following steps:

Steps to Installing the Divi Theme -

Step 1- Extract Divi theme zip file

First of all, you have to download Divi theme in the rar format, it has to be extracted. To extract, you have to simply right-click on that file and click on the extract here. Div-Right Click>Extract Here - If you do not understand how to extract, you can easily extract with the image shown below.

install divi theme

Step 2-Compress divi folder to zip file

After extract, a folder will appear on the front of the window, which is the folder of the Divi which will help you to install the theme. Now you have to compress this Divi folder and then apply it in the zip file. To convert, right-click on the Divi folder and then click on Send. After clicking on Send, you have to click on the compress. In this way, your divi folder will be converted to the zip file. You have to install the same zip file and you have to install it.

extract Divi theme and install

Step 3-Wordpress Appearance and theme

Now you have to click on the appearance from the left menu on the WordPress dashboard.

how to install theme on wordpress.jpg

Step 4-Click on upload theme

In this step, You have nothing to do with you, just click on the upload theme.

how to install divi theme in wordpress

Step 5-Choose Divi theme zip file and install

This is one of theme important step in which you have to upload the zip file that you have compressed. To upload a Div Zip file, you have to choose zip file and install it by clicking on the Install Now button.

how to install divi theme

Step 6- Divi theme has been installed

After clicking on the Install now button, you will get a successful message .

divi theme installation

You can now see that your DIVI theme has been installed

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