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Techno Wordpress CMS

Wordpress blogs are very easy to create. As you know, WordPress is an open source system with the help of which you can easily create any type of blog. Open source means that you can easily create your own blog without coding knowledge. If you want to start blogging and you do not have any knowledge about coding then you will be able to easily create the blog by WordPress.

What is blog ? -

Blogs are like a website upon you can write any topic, depending on the blog content. If you know about how to write content on any topic the blogging will be beneficial for you. You can show your thoughts to all over the public on the internet.

You can write blogs on any topic. You can earn money even if you want to earn money from blogs. If you want to earn money from a blog, there are a lot of ways but I would like to use to Google Adsense.

Google Adsense is a Google product that pays money for ads. Google Adsense will place your ad on your web blog, and if any visitor visits your website and see or click the ad, you get paid for that. The special thing about Google Adsense is that they pay very well on these views and clicks.

For Google Adsense , you have to first approve the website from theGoogle Adsense . Click here for the complete tutorial on how to write a blog and how to approve website from Google Adsense

Wordpress blog

You can create your own blog by HTML template , but you have to have a good knowledge of the code to create it. But if you do not have coding skill then you can easily create your blog using WordPress.

To create a WordPress blog, you just need to install WordPress on your server.

After that, you have to install a WordPress theme. If you do not know how to install WordPress themes, click here

If you know what is HTML templates, then understanding WordPress theme will be very simple for you. Themes are like templates in a way, but there is only one difference in the themes and the templates that HTML templates are static and the WordPress themes are dynamic.

Static templates -

Static templates are those that template if you want to change a content, you need to change the code. Even if you have to do content deletes, you will have to change the code only, it means that you should have good skill of code.

Dynamic theme -

Dynamic theme means that if you have to edit or delete the content, then you will not need to go to the code. You will be able to do by WordPress easily on the web.

It means that you do not need change or delete any code. You can easily manage your blog by using the theme.

How to create WordPress blog step by step process-

Step 1.-

Firstly, you need a domain. Domain- The domain will be the address of your website in a manner that by which anyone can open your website and visit your blog. Domain Examples -,,,,

You need to purchase a domain.
click here to buy a domain

Step 2.-

After purchasing the domain, you will need a hosting.

Hosting-Hosting is like a storage where the website data are stored. The hosting is globally memory strange, the meaning is that you can access it from anywhere. Whatever website you have, you upload your hosting and, you can see just open, any browser by its URL. Now, whenever you enter your website URL (eg --- https: //, your website will display on a web browser. There are many plans for hosting, you can buy it by looking at yourself. If you are going to start blogging then buy a starter hosting and it will be cheap for you .

Click here to buy hosting


After purchased domain and hosting, now you need to go your hosting panel and click on application. After clicking on the application, you will get a lot of application, from which you have to get install WordPress, after installing WordPress, you can go to WordPress dashboard.

First of all, you need login your WordPress panel, you can visit your WordPress admin panel by URL - and fill the username and password, which you filled during the WordPress installation time.

After login, you will come to your dashboard.


Now you have to install the theme. Click here to download the theme direct.

If you do not know how to download and install the theme, click here -

After visiting the link you can purchase any type of blog themes by search. I'll give you a suggestion to search a blog theme name "Publisher ".Search keyword- Publisher

Note-Never uses crack themes because your website can be closed at any time. Always use the purchased theme.
After purchasing the theme you have to install it.

How to install WordPress theme - click here

After installing them you have to click on a post from sidebar menu of the dashboard and post a new post and choose your post title and description. You can design with the help of image insert.


If you have any problem to complete any step then you can share with me. To write the problem go to this link. click here