Why use Wordpress Blog for Blogging ? | Benefits of wp blog

Techno Wordpress CMS

As you know that WordPress is an open source web development system that helps to create any type of blog.

The WordPress is known as name Wordpress blog because there are a lot of websites developed on WordPress. If you do not any bout the coding then you can easily create your blog web through WordPress.

Why use WordPress blog ?-

If you create your blog using HTML template you have to learn about code (you need coding knowledge ) but if you create your blog with WordPress you do not need code knowledge. Without coding, you can create your own blog easily.

Working on WordPress you need just need a theme and then you can post your content easily.

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Benefits of WordPress blog -

The WordPress blog has many benefits -

1. You can create your blog without any coding skill.

2. You can create a static website with HTML templates that is very time consuming and will take more effort to create a blog. You have to do code. But in case of WordPress blog, you can create a dynamic blog. You do not need code knowledge.

3If you want to add another functionality in WordPress web blog then you can install the built plugins.

If you do not want to install a plugin, click here

4. Using Wordpress, you can approve your website from Google Adsense. You can earn money from your WordPress blog.You can apply to Google Adsense for your web blog. After approval google Adsense will display the code on your blog. If the visitors visit your website and see the ads or click on it then you will get money for that. Know how to manage a web blog and Adsense approval click here.

5. You can update or remove any of your content on WordPress easily without any code change. If you change your content or want to delete the content, you do not need to change the code. You can change or delete from WordPress dashboard.