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The name of the text module comes to know that this text is used to display on the website. If you have to display a paragraph on any website's page, then you can use a text module.
For any website or content for any blog, there are links if you do not have content on your website, then how will you rank your website? If you have to post a lot of content on your website, then you can use the Divi text module. The use of text models is very easy, for this, you have to first go to page edit and click on the edit with Divi. choose the text module where you want to display that text. Now your front window will open, in which you have to select the text model. After selecting the text model, the text model set will open in front of you.

divi text module setting  -content and design

Text module setting -

1. It's very easy to set up the Divi theme text module In the text module setting, first of all, you need to set content. Whatever content you want to display on the website page, you can easily fill it out or you can copy-paste too.

divi text module content setting

2. After the scrolling the page, There will be a background color option in front of you. Even if you want to use background color, you can easily set the background color.

 In this way, you can write your content.
In the next process, if you want to design the text then click on the design.

Design - 1. Text-Manage the all the things related to the text design.
Text Font:- Here you use the text font. Which type fonts you want to use.
Text Font Style:- Here you can define the font style.
Text Color:- Set the color for the content text.
Text Size:- Manage the text size value.
Text Letter Spacing:- Here you can set the letter spacing value for the text.
Text Shadow:- Use the text shadow effect.

2. Text Orientation:Alignment of the text (left,right,center)

3. Heading Text(H1,H2,H3,H4,H5,H6) -Use the heading .
Heading Font:- Here you can use the font for the heading.
Heading Font Style:- Use the different style for the heading
Heading Text Alignment:- Heading alignment (Left, Center, Right)
Heading Text Color:- Choose the color for the heading text
Heading Text Size:- Set the heading size in pixel (px).
4. Heading Text Shadow

5. Custom Margin: (Top Right Bottom Left)- Use the custom margin. Custom Padding: (Top Right Bottom Left)- Use the custom padding.

6. Box Shadow- Here you apply the box-shadow.
 I have defined the term here that is necessary for you
In this way, you can also design text.
In the next process, the Advance set comes.
The advance setting is used to Use extra CSS class and id and create the CSS and apply the text module.

Text Module Demo(Divi Theme)


After writing and designing the content, you have to click on the Publish button. Now you can go to the page and see the text.

divi text module
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