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Blog Module is one of the most different modules of the DIVI theme. The blog Module is used to show the post on the webpage. By the way, you must know that to create a blog, you will be required to use the blog module to show the post of your blog on every single page. The blog module gives you some features that you can use to share your post on any page by the categories.

for example, If you have a blog where you write a post on programming language Now you post them on categories such as computer language or Java language category. If you want to create a computer language page and only post it for Java language, then you can display it easily by using the java category.

In the blog module, you also get tools to design which lets you easily design any post. The blog model is a model of the Divi theme, which has proved to be very useful on your blog website. If you do not know to create a blog post, and you do not know how to submit a post to the page, you can easily manage your blog by doing a blog module.

Let's talk about how to use the blog module -
First of all, you have to pick up any row or column. after that, you have to click on the insert module. Now you have to click on the blog module from the Divi modules window.

divi theme blog-module 2018

Customizing and designing a blog model is easier.
1. First, you have to fill the post number. Post numbers mean that you are set to show how many posts on that page.

2. Include Categories - Include categories means you want to display the post of a category on the page.

blog divi theme modules latest

3.Content:- Showing the full content will not truncate your posts on the index page. Showing the excerpt will only display.

4. Show Featured Image: - Whether you want to feature in the show or not.

5. Show Read More Button: -Define Whether to show "read more" link after the excerpts or not

6. Show Author:- Turn on or off the author link

7. Show Date:- YES/NO-Turn the date on or off

8. Show Categories:-YES/NO- Turn the category links on or off.

9. Show Comment Count:-YES/NO- urn comment count on and off

10. Show Pagination:-YES/NO- Turn pagination on and off

11. Background Color -Use the background color for the blog.

After this, if you want to change the design, you can do as well -

1. Layout: - Grid and Fullwidth posts display on the page.

3 Text Orientation: -Alignment of text.

4Text Color: - Use Text Color that you want

5. Title Text - Text styles, Textcolor, Text alignment, Text shadow.

6 border- Use the border.


In the same way, you will find many features, which you can design your blog from the customs by customizing them.

Blog module demo(Divi Theme)-

When you design and customize the blog model, you can easily browse the page on the blog by publishing it.

divi blog module demo example

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