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Video slider Module is a module of Divi theme that helps to include more than one video. Video Module is also available in the Divi Theme, but with the help of the video module, we can only display one video at a time. But if you use a video slider module, you can display more than one video in the slide. Video presentation in any blog or website is very important, you can either use a video module to link a video or you can display Slide wise video with the help of the video slider module.

For example, if you have seen a slider in which you can see an image on the movement one by one, you can also display the slider to the video as well. To use the video slider, you have to insert a simple video slider module on the page.

Let's talk about how to insert the module on any page-

First of all, you have to open any page of WordPress with Edit with Divi. After the edit with divi the window will open in front of you. From which you have to select a row or column. After selecting row or Column, you have to insert the Insert Module and insert the Video Slider module. After inset video slider module you have to do its settings.

divi theme select a module video slider

Video slider module setting-

You have to follow the simple steps to set the video module.
1. First of all, you have to go to Content and click on Add New Video.

divi theme video module design and customization latest version

2. Video MP4 / URL: - Now you have to link the video by browsing the video. Upload Direct Video by uploading the uploaded video to your server or you can upload a video on YouTube and paste the link by copy from the youtube link.

video module of Divi theme setting demo

3. Overlay image URL means if you mouse over the video, then you will be the image show that you have given the URL. In the Content section, you have to do just that much, after this, if you want to design a video slider then you have to click on the design - Design -

1. Slider Arrows Color:- This setting will make your slider arrow color.

2. Brightness:- Define how bright the colors should be.

Contrast:- Here you can define how bright and dark areas should be.

Opacity:- Here you can define the opacity for the video slider.

Blur:- Blur by this amount

In this way, you can easily design the video slider module. If you want to use Advanced or Class, ID in the next step, you can use it.

Video Slider Module Demo (Divi Theme)-

After customizing or designing the Video Slider module, you have to click on the Publish button.
After publishing, you have to visit the same page on which you had to publish the video slider module.

divi video slider module

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