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Having a video for any blog or business website has become very important. With the help of the Divi video module, you can link videos to any website or blog. On the video module, you can display the video in two ways.

1. The first way is to upload the video to your server and then link it. But this is not good enough to get your server loaded. And take a lot of time to your webpage open.

2. The second method is the best and the simplest method, with no help on your website, no load is loaded and your website loads too soon.  To apply this method, you first need to upload your video to YouTube, after uploading the video to youtube, you have to paste the link of that video into a video module. You get a browse box to paste the video module. With the help of which you can show YouTube's video on a WordPress page.

How to use video module -

Using video models is very easy. For this, you have to go to the page on which you have to make the video display. After that, select a row or column.
Now you have to insert a module, click on the insert module to insert it.
Now the window of the Divi modules will open in front of you, from which you have to pick up the video module. After choosing the video module you have to set it.

video module of divi theme  demo setting

Video module setting-

1. First of all settings, you have to do the settings of the content. First of all, you get a box of Video MP4 / URL: in that, you can browse video from your server and you can also paste the link from YouTube video.

divi theme video module youtube video link

After this, you do not have to do anything. The work of the content becomes complete yet. Now you can also design the module by using the Design Part.

Design - 1.Play Icon Color:-Here you can manage the color for the play icon.

2. Spacing- Use custom margin and padding for the video module.

Custom Margin: (Top, Right, Bottom, Left)- Here you can set the margin in pixel(Px) Custom Padding:( Top, Right, Bottom, Left, Border)- Here you can also set the margin in px.

3. Border Width:- Video module border.

4. Border Color:- Use video module color .

5. Border Style:- The style for the video module border.

6. Box Shadow:- Here you can apply the shadow effect for the video

7. Box Shadow:- Effect for the complete module shadow.

8. Brightness:- bright the colors should be

9.Animation: If you want to apply animation on the video you can apply. Animation Style:(None Fade Slide )


This is the way you can easily design a video module.
Now third comes to advance.

Advance - Advance if you want to use CSS for the module create some classes and Id then you can use.

Video Module Demo (Divi Theme)

After the video model is customized and designed, you can publish it. After publishing, you have to visit the same page on which this model was applied.

divi video module

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