How to create secondary menu in WordPress website

As you know that wordpress is a CMS(content management system) . You do need any code to customise website. You can create secondary menu via WordPress dashboard. There is no complexity to create a WordPress website secondary menu. Secondary menu displays above the primary menu. A secondary menu can contains text and mobile number. Most of wordpress users create secondary menu for mobile number and address. Secondary menu is an important part of website. If you want to create a secondary menu on your WordPress website that is pretty simple. The secondary menu contains your business number, address or name. A user can see contact numbers from the secondary menu and call you . Create a secondary menu using the WordPress dashboard. There are some steps to create a wordpress website secondary menu .

1. To create a Secondar menu, first login to wordpress adming panel .

2. Create Secondary menu from wordpress dasboard . Pointer on Appearance .

3. Now click on menus . dasboard>Appearance>menus.

4.Provide a menu name. Create a new menu with new name in wordpress.

5. Now click on save menu .

6. Add pages in wordpress menu.

7. Select type of menu ="Secondary Menu".

8. Save menu .

To create Secondary menu of website , you have to follow steps below.

1. First of all login your WordPress admin panel.

2. After login in WordPress admin panel , you will be redirected to Dasbarad. From Dashboard, you can create secondary menu for your WordPress website.

3. To create secondary menu in wordpress website you have to mouse pointer on Appearance. The appearance option will found dasboard left menu.

create wordpress website menu

4.After applying mouse pointer over appearence , some options are open from which you have to click on the menus.

create secondary menu in wordpress

5.In this step you have to provide a menu name . You can create menu with any name you want.Provide a name and click on create menu button.

create secondary menu in wordpress website

6. In this step you have to choose pages . If you have not created pages yet so you have to create pages first . You can select page for display in menu after page created.

7. Now select menu type . Secondary menu

create secondary menu

In this way you can create a secondary menu for your WordPress website.