How to increase Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded -Fetal Error

Sometimes when you are working on Wordpress, you can get the error "Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded " or you may also get an error from another type. The maximum execution time of 60 seconds exceeded. To overcome this error, you can resolve it in a similar way.

First of all, do you know why these errors occurred? The maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded or Maximum execution time of 60 seconds exceeded. This means that the WordPress process is taking too much time.

How to increase Maximum Execution Time for WordPress Site

You can increase Maximum Time Specification in three ways.
Solution 1.
Edit php.ini file.
This is the easiest ways to increase the Maximum Execution time, for this, you have to open the phip.ini file.

Search max_execution_time

And change

“max_execution_time=30 “ to “ max_execution_time = 300”

After this, stop your server and then restart it. (Local server)

Solution 2 -
Edit .htaccess file .
In this way, you can also solve this problem. Maximum Exception Time You can easily overcome: You just have to paste your code in this: htaccess file.
Paste these codes into .htaccess:

Add the following :

php_value max_execution_time 300

Solution 3 -
wp-config.php you know the file, which is the wp-config.php file of WordPress, you have to add a code to this file. Add the following code to wp-config.php:

set_time_limit (300);

Now you can see that your problem has been solved.

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