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The Divi Sidebar module is used to display the sidebar on the website page, however, you know how many widgets you can use in the Sidebar of the WordPress website. But if you have to use the sidebar,, you will have to use the sidebar module of the Divi theme.
The sidebar Divi module of the sidebar module is similar to the sidebar of WordPress. With the help of which you can easily insert the sidebar on any page.

Divi Sidebar module is very easy to insert in a WordPress page.

1. First of all, on the page, you want to use the sidebar module, open in the edit with Divi page.

2. Now you have to choose a special section from the Divi window.

3. After the special section, you click the insert module

divi sidebar moddule

Now you have to do setting for SideBar Module.
Content – Widget Area:


Footer Area 1#

Footer Area 2 #

Footer Area 3 #

Select a widget:- area You can create new widget areas within the Appearances Widgets tab.

divi sidebar moddule demo

Background:- Here you can apply background for the sidebar.

divi sidebar moddule example

Now if you want to design the sidebar then click on Design -
Design - 1.Orientation:- Choose which side of the page This setting controls the orientation and border position.

Left / Right

2.Show Border Separator:


3.Text:- Text Orientation:- Alignment for text like – Left, Center, Right

4.Text Color:- Here you can choose If you are working with a dark background, then your text should be light If your background is light, then your text should be set to dark

5. Text Shadow:- Choose a text shadow for this element Once enabled, you will be able to customize To disable custom text, select the None option.

6. Title Text
Title Font:- Which font you like to use.

Title Font Style:- Choose the style for text.

Title Text Alignment:- Align the text like as left, center, right.

Title Text Color:- Choose the title text color.

Title Text Size:- Define the size in pixel of the title text.

Title Text Shadow:- App the shadow effect on the title text.

7. Body Text- Setting for the body text.

Body Font:

Body Font Style:

Body Text Alignment:

Body Text Color:

Choose custom Color

Body Text Size:

Body Text Shadow:

8.Custom Margin: Use the custom margin for sidebar module (Top margin, Right margin, Bottom margin, Left margin, Right margin Bottom margin)

9. Custom Padding: Usse the custom padding (Top padding, Right padding, Bottom padding, Left padding, )

In this way, you can design the sidebar.

Divi SidebarBar Module Demo -

For the demo example of sidebar module, you have to design and customize the page as well. You can visit the same page and see the sidebars demo .

divi blog module demo example

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