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The code module of the Divi theme helps you use the advanced code on your WordPress website. As you know, the Divi theme of a WordPress theme that helps you create any kind of website. For Divi theme example If you want to create a hotel website, any college, then you can create easily. The documentation of the divi code module is very easy, which will help you to easily customize the code model to Customs and Design. How to use code models in the Theme theme.
1. Firstly, you have to select the code module from the Divi theme modules window. To select the code module, open the page with Divi page builder on which the code module you want to use. Insert the code module by clicking on the Insert model.

divi theme code module

2. Now you have to do some settings of the code model

Divi Code module Setting Documentation -


Content: Here you can create the content. Use the code that you want.You can use the shortcut code in the code module

divi theme code module demo

Background - With the help of background option, you can easily set the background color, image, and video.

   In this way, you can set the setting for the code module

Now you can also design easily.

Design -
Text Orientation: The text alignment like left, center, right.

2. Custom Margin:- Here you can use the custom margin for the code module ( Top margin, right margin, bottom margin, left margin)

3. Custom Padding: Use custom padding like margin ( Top padding ,right padding,bottom padding,left padding)

4. Animation Animation Style:- Apply the animation to the code module.









In this way, you can easily design the Divi code module.

The Divi Code Module Model Demo -

In order to see the Demo or the Examples of the Code Module of the Divi module, you have to visit the same page on which you have used the code model.

divi blog module demo example
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